You are average, not special, and finished.......

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You are average, not special, and finished.......

Do you remember our first date? You called me three times on the way home, and texted me at least six times.
Do you remember taking me to furniture shops and telling me how nice things would look in our house one day?
Do you remember thanking me for existing?
Do you remember being excited that I would be a part of your daughter's lives?
Do you remember talking to me about unconditional love, and how your ex-wife, who left you, never understood that?
Do you remember calling me a bitch, a douchbag, a moron, stupid, a whore, a slut, an asshole, psycho, crazy, fat, a pig, small, immature, and how I must've been called stupid and crazy my whole life when I told you to stop?
Do you remember asking me if I would consider breast enhancement?
Do you remember calling me a killer of magic when I questioned your freeloading ways?
Do you remember calling me a sex addict because I asked you about your erection issues, and why can you only get hard when you whack yourself off?
Do you remember insisting that I call you twice a day while at work, but you disappeared for three days and then got mad at me and made me feel crazy when I questioned that?
Do you remember calling me needy after insisting that I be at your house every day when I was home from work, and getting irritated when I hit traffic on the way there?
Do you remember yelling at the old man at the baseball park, insulting him, mocking him, for doing his job?
Do you remember calling senior citizens a drain on society? Not after talking about my mother, but about yours?
Do you remember yelling at your 8 year old daughter about how she's always pushing your buttons, and do you remember telling your 8 year old child to stop trying to manipulate you?
Do you remember telling your 8 year old daughter how you wished she wasn't there with you and your 4 year old daughter at the zoo, because she's such a little bitch?
I remember........and if there was a way to remove you from my brain surgically, I would do it, willingly. I didn't need to know there were people like you and that I was such an easy target. But that ended with me, didn't it? Didn't you get a beer thrown in your face the last time I saw you after you yelled at me for the last time?
Let me tell you something - you are ok at one thing, and one thing only - you are an above average actor.
You work maybe 20 hours a week, at most, for government agency that is useless at best when you could be banking millions if you would've only have put in the effort (then maybe you wouldn't have needed me to pay for all those dinners, concert tickets, ball game tickets).
You talk a big game about sex, what you want to do, how often you want to do it, but you are truly a limp dick with a below average lebido.
Your taste in music and literature is truly one of the most shallow I have ever encountered.
Your life's story seems like an attempt at replicating a John Hughe's 80's flick - you can't even fail originally.
And you've remarried. A year after we broke up. Please thank her for getting you off the streets and tell her to give me a call and we'll go out for margaritas when she figures you out.
You are getting older......weaker.....shorter.....not quite as sharp as you were. Your disorder will continue to get worse. I only hope you don't take it out on your daughters and ruin them. Interesting how your 8 year old daughter had your number - she's a fighter - I pray for her safety and happiness every day.
You aren't so hard to figure out, you aren't so interesting and complicated.
I was an easy target, that's for sure! I had never felt so adored or loved in my life! Not really that hard to do, not really - you shouldn't take too much credit for it.
I wish for nothing other then to erase you out of my mind - while that's not possible, the next best thing is to understand and to forgive you......I struggle with that but I will get there, make no mistake!
You are nothing, John, but smoke and mirrors.......even to yourself. Good by.

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I can relate to much

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Very empowering...