What's that sound I can hear??

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#1 Sep 9 - 7AM
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What's that sound I can hear??

..Sounds a lot like a Hoover....
So, after 10 weeks of absolutely no contact whatsoever, out of the blue this morning I get a text from her: "I really miss you xxx" No: "Sorry for cheating on you again and then dropping you like a soiled tissue as soon as you call me out on my behaviour".. Well, game on then. I've been dreading the inevitable hoovering but I'm actually feeling pretty strong. No major wobbles or anything or strong urges to respond, even though I have been missing her a lot. I know this is no time to be complacent though..

Sep 14 - 4AM
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Thanks for your comments..

Sep 13 - 7AM
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I remember when my

Sep 9 - 11AM
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Yes, A TEXT, Big F...ing Whoopie!!!!

Sep 9 - 10AM
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Sep 9 - 9AM
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Ya, it's a normal part of

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