What have we done today to make ourselves "Happy"?

Tips For Happiness in Daily Life
Remez Sasson


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I felt on the verge of tears all day, So, I took a little nap earlier, and that was nice. I woke up feeling pretty much the same, but what can you do? Other than that, not too much for myself. I've been eating like crap, and not working out, like I should. I don't feel like doing much of anything.
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Being kind to ourselves, even when not feeling motivated...not beating ourselves up and just accepting we feel like crap is enough... Going through it without criticizing ourselves but loving ourselves even when we feel those things that are associated with "weakness" or "pain"...experiencing being human...accepting we're huting... Is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves. Maybe not the "Happy" thing but...a step closer to getting there. Warm hugs!
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I was very much in a fog...very tired BUT tonight I'm going to a passion party... This should be very interesting...
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I will have to do something today to make myself happy...I'm feeling good but I want to live "consciously" aware... It's a new kick...let's hope it lasts...WE ARE OUR THOUGHTS... Hugs!
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thank you! Sincerely (trying to stop) spinning


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Thanks for the link to this site, i added it to my favorites and will visit there often I think for motivation and a way to uplift my spirits when im feeling down.