Welcome to Our New Forum - The Twilight Zone of Narcissism

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Lisa E. Scott
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Welcome to Our New Forum - The Twilight Zone of Narcissism

We are not living in ordinary times. I have been quiet for the past two and a half years for many reasons, but the situation we find ourselves in today with our U.S. President has ignited something in me. I no longer recognize the world we live in and it saddens me.

Like I said, I will not make this a political platform. If someone wants to post a thread regarding Trump, they certainly should feel free to do so, but I will not push the issue. Some have advised me not to polarize myself like this because it may turn people away. However, I cannot in good conscience, write about narcissism and not point out the concerns I have regarding the man leading our good country at the moment.

We are truly living in the Twilight Zone of Narcissism and I personally believe a safe haven to talk about it is as important as ever. Therefore, we're creating this new forum for anyone who wants to share anonymously and safely their experience of living with a narcissist, whether it be your significant other, family member, boss or President.

I am baffled by what seems to be a common suggestion from many - to accept Trump's abnormal behavior as normal. Excuse me? NORMALIZING NARCISSISM? We are being asked to accept the abnormal? I will not.

I will painfully accept that we are now truly living in the world I feared when I began writing about narcissism ten years ago, but I will never accept it as normal. A friend of mine properly labeled this the Twilight Zone of Narcissism and as much as I don't want to admit it, we are living in it. Narcissism continues to be rewarded and celebrated everywhere we turn.

Like I said, I have no interest in turning our on-line community of support into a political platform. My goal is the same as always - to provide support to those in a relationship with a narcissist. Please know you are not alone. You have a community of support here where everyone's opinions can be expressed.

This new forum (Twilight Zone of Narcissism) is being posted in case it's easier to follow a discussion in one forum, instead of five. We still have the following five forums:

- All About Him (Steps 1-3)
- The Path Forward (Steps 4-6)
- All About Her (For those in a relationship with a female narcissist)
- Share Your Story (To post your story)
- Goodbye Letter (To post your Goodbye Letter)
- Narc @ Work (For those working for a narcissist)

These forums remain intact and there is a lot of good info. to check out for those just coming to our site for the first time. If we like posting to this new forum as a way to direct new conversation, then we'll keep it. If it doesn't seem to interest anyone, I'll kill it.

Thank you for all your input, advice and support. No one understands what it is like to be in a relationship with a narcissist unless they have been through it firsthand. Together we can help each other find the path forward.

Love & Light,

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abnormal behavior indeed

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Lisa E. Scott
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The Work Related Narcissist