was it really that bad?

I had to get together with the x today to sign some papers, he has been texting more this week because the "texting door" is open because of needing to fill out the paper work. Just reading the text and driving in the car 5 min to the place and sitting there with him and listening to him I couldnt help but think either he has gotten WAY WORSE or i woke the F&^* up.

Its scary to think I was that blind so I would rather think he got worse. Do you think he was always as bad and I just didnt see it?

and I could not get over how INCREDIBLY self asorbed he was. It was strange I had no desire to be with him and I could feel just being near him how much his energy is so draining. My friend described him today as a taker......that is such a good decscribtion, He takes from whoever has something to give.

Funny when we first met that was the first red flag he would go in my fridge and just take stuff, even it it was the last of something. He started with the food, then my attention, my body, my mind and finally started to take my spirit.

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Did he sign? You crack me up.. Yup a taker indeed.. Hunter
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there is a wonderful small book I read many years ago called the givers and the takers and it so described people like the narcs.Mine came to live with me and knew NO boundaries, made me get rid of most of my furniture ,got mad at me for having some extra things of mine, the list was endless, they just TAKE OVER, no more..................
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Yes, they are takers. There are many people in the world that are takers. We are givers.........perfect specimen for a taker, don't you think? Putting this behind you is best and arm yourself with the knowledge you gain from educating yourself on this type of person, which is a toxic person. We need to remove many of them from our lives, and it takes time to do, but can be done. Good luck and stay strong!
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Vampire, parasite, leach, pimp....taker... Love may be blind...hatred holds no illusions. A peacock without his feathers is just another turkey. You were just seeing through your own eyes...not through his.