Was doing so well

I was having a conversation w my best friend today and I mentioned that she is still friends w the exN on Facebook.... And that I feel uncomfortable about that ( they aren't friends)
Then she told me he's sick of seeing him mention the other woman... they are always posting on each others page.... He posts pics of horses he's bet on with her name .... Blah blah blah ...... Vomit material.
I didn't ask any more i dont want to know....
I'm not surprised to hear that he's charming someone else... I know they do this.... But it still hurts.

She is going to delete him now which is good.

I was doing so well.... Just brings up those horrible feelings that in a whole two years he didn't give a shit and that makes me feel worthless :(

I know he'll do exactly the same thing to her... I know they dont change...I get that.

Just feeling sad.

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