Very small moral dilemma!

Hi all....been a while since I have posted. Life is and easy, nearly 9 months on! NC maintained and a life in progress....who knew?!

I shared a rented house with Trotters, he left in early March and I was left with it all to sort out...the final bills, the re-rent, the landlord, the sign out..all of it. All of this at a time when I could barely function, up all night, being sick and not eating. Not once did he offer to help, in fact, moved his furniture out on my birthday...nice, having spent the previous night in a very expensive hotel with OW.

2 weeks ago I received an email from the rental agent, copying in Trotters. Even seeing his name and mine on an email turned my stomach. All the usual physical reactions, sickness, panic etc. It related to a final bill for a month when the house was empty. I am a bit skint these days, Trotters left me with bills and he effectively sponged off of me for a year, I worked out I paid 12,500 grand more than him into the whole set up. I have tried to take this through the courts but to be honest have written it off as I don't want to prolong my healing.

So I investigated this bill with our local authorities and it transpires as the house was empty, nobody is liable for it and exemption applies. I notified the rental agent and the owner of the property, NOT copying in Trotters and it was resolved.

Today I have been copied into an email from Trotters to the rental agent, attaching a direct payment notification from his bank for half the amount, paid directly to me!!!! He was SOOOO arrogant in the mail, saying that he doesn't have access to the direct payment facility as I always paid it, he was sorry it had taken over a week to respond but he had been on holiday (TWAT). And that he "assumes" I will pay the balance in full. Assume away you asshole....your pride has come before a fall...oh dear...ooopsie!

So the dilemma is, do I actually let him know that we are exempt from this? NAH, don't think so.

I am erring on the side of taking kids had new clothes today. After the amount he had from me it is a drop in the ocean.

And yes, I have maintained NC and completely ignored him. I don't want to respond in silence is now the biggest F U ever!!

Am I doing the right thing?

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Believe in yourself!

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