After Narc's latest acting out (insinuating I was having an affair, ruining time with daughters etc etc) things have been very quiet. This pattern is very predictable he acts out horrible then retreats.

For about 2 weeks no contact then Monday a call which I ignored. VM stating he wants to know if we will have septic inspected and also wants a letter from my lawyer stating what it is I want so "I know what I am up against"

Normally, I would have probably felt as though I had to respond but now I don;t. Of course in order to move divorce forward I will eventually but not right now. I had arranged a inspection of septic which he cancelled so he can figure that out himself no need for discussion. And hearing isn;t until Jan so no need to provide him with any details at this point. Of course he has no lawyer so he tries(and ashamed to admit succeeds at times)to get me to provide him with instructions and info. Not anymore do your own work

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