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Paralyzed in the Obsessing fear of the Narc/Socio

Noone can imagine what damage a narccistic husband can do to you during your marriage nor the rage they project on you or your child when you do decide to leave, and to end the marriage. They were a mask of sanity while they pathelogically lie and con everyone they can to preserve themselves as the ultimate victim, all the while they are destroying you in every area of your life and in ways you can't even think of, much less, prepare for. My X was court mandated to get counseling with his daughter during the two years he drug our divorce out, because he continually broke all temporary orders, refused to cooperate with the divorce procedures, and continuously did any and every destructive act against me and his daughter, from cutting our telephone wires, stealing anything and everything of value on our property, to fiancially crimpling me, as he told his daughter and me he would drag this out in court and take every penny we had.
This devil even filed false domestic violence charges against me, and used a civil action against me during our separation to threatened and continue to abuse me in ways I would rather not go into, not to mention threatening me and his child that he would take everything from me including her. Came to our home twice while she was here alone and putting her dog in his truck as he left and dropping the dog at the end of the driveway as he drove off. Then on July 4th while I was gone, my daughter let her dog outside, and she disappeared, low and behold I have found a pic where he is holding my daughter's dog on his new wife's web site. I don't think this is ever going to end...I worry this man is unstable, insane, or possessed by the devil. It terrorizes me b/c the family therapist said, after 22 years that I married a "sadistic sociopath and I was divorcing the devil".,..she said we would probably never hear from him after the divorce, and these past 3 years while my daughter was underage we did not, then on her 18th BIRTHDAY this sickopath has called her and asked to see her, says he loves and misses her. GOD I pray that I don't have to lose anything else for my daughter and I to get away from this monster, and that he is so sick that he will go so far in his violent sick delusion to kill her and then himself, to nail the last nail in the coffin, sadly, he has an art of doing things under the grey area of the law to manipulate it to continue his abuse. My daughter is my only child, what better way from him to torture me then for him to continue his sadistic prediatory revenge then to toy with her, when I have come for far, only to have him continue his reign of terror and revenge. The court therapist who met with him one time said he was the most narccistic asshole she ever met and thinks the whole world owes him something. He not only broke all temp. orders and was allowed to do so but also broke the divorce degree involving our taxes, and pays one wk out of four on his child support so the atty general doesnt file charges against him. He has come out of this divorce smelling like a rose, if I were to hire a lawyer to take him back to court I would only look like the bitter x wife, as his child said as we left the court room the third time we were denied a protective order, "momma they don't care what he is doing to us, this is a game to them, and you can't protect me". If she refuses to see her father I fear what he will do with his narccistic injury and rage, and if she does see him, what will he have planned for her, because he told the court therapist "If my daughter hadnt talked my wife into leaving none of this would have happened"....and thats not the half of my story, he continually threatened and emotionally abused his daughter, in front of witnesses and the judge still gave him unsupervised visitation during our divorce, until the court therapist stepped in and said "NO MORE". I'm thinking seriously that if he does anything else to us, that is not concrete enough to press charges, that I am going to go to a reporter that has written several articles in the paper about my "good ole boy judge" and his indifferent attitude concerning family court and domestic violence. What would you do...this county I live in...even the lawyer over the domestic violence center left the law field in disgust at the injustice in the county legal system in handling these cases.

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