Trying to Get Help

Ok so I made an apt with a therapist for yesterday Wednesday.

I show up early to go over my financials and paperwork. They make me wait 45 min. Then I sit with the "therapist " who says their is an intake process. So today was all paperwork. I have an apt next week for guess what more paperwork. Then a psych eval on Aug 8. Then after that I will get to talk to the Psychologist.

LOL so maybe I should have said I was suicidal and I would be getting help with this now. But I am NOT! I am apparently fine and coping so I can wait.

State run agency since I have no medical insurance. Oh but gee thanks I can call a help hotline 24/7 and speak to god only knows who whenever I need to.

So thank you to everyone on this forum because you are now my therapist for the next few weeks. :)

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