Treating A New Boyfriend How You Were Treated By the N

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Treating A New Boyfriend How You Were Treated By the N


First let me say that this forum helped me realize I wasn't alone and helped me NC with my exN. I've only posted one other time and it was to some poor soul that was having trouble with no contact with her exN.

Have been NC with my exN since January; before we dated we were best friends - I didn't know what a narcissist REALLY meant until I was involved and emotionally terrorized for (thankfully) only seven months.

I started seeing someone in April and I was noticing I was sometimes treating him how my exN had treated me. I felt like I was emotionally terrorizing this human being.

I was bitchy, sometimes verbally abusive, and ignored him when we were both in public; but he would always come back. We were fine when we were alone, but when he irritated me, I was a fucking asshole. I kept telling him I didn't want to date him when I felt that feelings were forming, and kept pushing him away.

I had never treated anyone like this before dating the exN, so wondering if this was common!? Haven't read anything like this on the boards, but may have missed it!


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