For those who had an affair

I had an affair, its not something I am proud of and Im trying to recover. Its my birthday today and last night I found thoughts switching back to N.

Im doing ok, sometimes better than others. I find myself still struggling with the loss of fairytale (in my own head). I chose not to tell husband so sometimes its hard to 'keep face'.

I know there are a few people on here from reading posts who have been in/are in same situation and I wondered whether anyone would like to be a pm buddy, just to be able to share/vent everyday things that maybe you dont want to share on the board, to become a strength for each other?

Maybe someone who has children like me who finds it hard sometimes. Not so much to pass on technical advice as I know the mods etc and people who give good advice are the best at that, but just someone who would like to be a regular chat buddy?

If this appeals please PM me

Snowflake x

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Believe in yourself!

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Journey on...

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