That's Amore? My Experience with Italian Prince Charming

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That's Amore? My Experience with Italian Prince Charming

Here is my story, It's easier just to link you over to my blog post about it. (Please don't read it if language offends you)

I wrote this BEFORE I made the correlation that my ex was in fact a narcissist, but I'm sharing it as is because it's interesting to see the way I felt and the glaring signs of narcissism I didn't yet have a name for.

While I've written this in a funny way, the reality is I was plunged from a beautiful dream into a nightmare and back again daily. I was constantly criticised, and constantly made to feel like *I* was a crazy, jealous abuser. I felt like a chicken running around with her head cut off trying to make sense of his actions and even myself. Needless to say, the prince of pizza and darkness took 2 weeks after he got his Australian residency and no longer needed me and throw me under the bus. He ceased to have the "emotional energy" to invest in his future wife, after I found Tinder hidden on his phone and DARED to have the nerve to be upset... yes... *SIGH*... AGAIN! :)


Aug 31 - 10AM
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a good partnership!