I know this forum is international, and not all of you are celebrating Thanksgiving, but I am, and I really see it as a day to recognize the things for which I am thankful.

(Hunter, that link was great, btw...)

I just wanted to thank each of you for your support, guidance, love, patience, and understanding. When my friend sent me the link to this site, and I posted my story, I had no idea of the outpouring of support that would take place. You don't know me. You have never met me. But you all have been so kind to me during an impossibly difficult time. I have come here many times when I felt like I couldn't survive one more second. And you were all hear, ready and waiting to care for me.

This weekend will be a difficult one for me. Of course, G and I had plans to spend it together. It is his HS reunion this weekend, and he told me that he couldn't wait to introduce me to all his old friends. I wonder now, how he would have gotten out of it, how he would have ruined it. I wonder how many of the SEVEN (or more) OW had the same plans with him. It is hurtful, it is lonely, it is horrible to the point that it is viscerally painful.

But I know you all are here, and will lift me up, hold me in your arms, and whisper that everything will beok. You will remind me that I am strong, I am GOOD, I am going to be ok.

And I am so very grateful for each of you. Thank you for everything. I wish you a peace-filled Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and far too much stuffing and mashed potatoes (everything else on the table is secondary, IMHO!).

Day 24 NO CONTACT. I wouldn't have made it without you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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isnt it amazing how we cant make it a minute but everyday we come here and the hurt and the confusion, loss and the tears fall and we know though we have never heard eachothers voice that we are all singing the same universal song healing protecting and being there is what unconditional love is for oursleves and for others ladies/gentelmen look at it like this what it says about us as spirits for a moment we come here on our deathbeds and even while bleeding crying ourselves dry and with no physical connection we are healing and not only that we are helping others along the way its really a miracle if you take a minute and see what i just said , truly (((hugs)))
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What a BEAUTIFUL DAY today!!! Safe, calm and FREEEEEEEEE!!! YAY ME! YAY YOU! YAY ALL OF US!!! I'm cooking and enjoying my family, and all of you today! Happy Thanksgiving!! love~ Layla
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You ARE strong, you ARE GOOD, and you ARE going to be MORE THAN ok....we all are! :) Have an awesome day! (((Hugs)))
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24 days NC! Awesome! Now there's something to be thankful for! Enjoy your day and count your blessings! Stay strong!
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Happy Thanksgiving!! Be thankful he's gone.. You don't think so now but next year you will be swinging from the Chandelier ... Celebrating in style.. Hunter
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This is my first "major" holiday N free! What a great day to be ME! God bless us all! Happy Thanksgiving Hunter!!! : )) love~ Layla
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and gaining strength too