I AM SO DONE!! after sending a text back to him earlier today saying "i dont want to speak to someone who calls me a liar" he has gone silent. I know he'll probably try contact me again but he is rotten to the core and a complete head fuck and doesnt love me and never loved me, and now it's about ME and MY healing and MY life and MY happiness!!

Tomorrow i begin my journey to happiness and IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE that cheating lying abusive evil human being.

Thank you to all your support ladies,i couldn't of even thought of the idea of ignoring him until i found you all here.

I'm exhausted and drained and anxious so bed time for me and in the morning i will be day one on the road back to Eleanor Jean :)

love to you all,

El xx

eleanorjean1990's picture

BIG LOVE to you both xxx
strivingforhealing's picture

Bring out that inner Warrior woman who will not take abuse one second longer! I know she is in there, I hear her. You are on the path of recovery- back to your precious self and you CAN do this. Every day you stay NC- your dignity is restored. This is so so empowering and you will feel it! Blessings! You rock!
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Now you have to block, That stupid stupid crock of shit and fluff and other stuff~ You can do it cause you rock!
ruby01's picture

That's the spirit!
gwebb's picture

well done and now get some well deserved rest
eleanorjean1990's picture

Thank you 65703, i will!xxx
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I'm so happy you stood up for yourself!!! I seriously wished and sometimes still wish I could rip my Ex a new asshole!! Prepare for the long haul recovery, but remember NC is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself, for your past, present and bright future!!! Stay close to this message board! xx
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Thank you,sorry to of worried you. I hadn't been on here mainly because i had been interacting with him so much i felt embarassed and weak and pathetic. He seems to still hsve some hold over me but i know i have to ignore him completely now. If that brings more abuse i will block him. Hope you are well, love to you xxxxx
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Your story alarmed me and moved me, particularly because you are so young. And I guessed the reason you weren`t posting so much, that`s why I was worried. But it`s my choice to worry or not worry, so don`t bother about it. I`m really glad you`re back, this is the best place to recover. Sleep well, sweet dreams and tomorrow - Day one of freedom. Hugs Tigerlily
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You didn`t post for a while, and I was concerned that you might be going through something painful. I am really delighted you have made the decision to put your love and energy into finding your way back to Eleanor Jean. If you feel yourself weakening, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post here first (we will talk you out of it, because that`s best for YOU, and you know that). EJ, that man is really dangerous. I`m serious. You are at risk. Please don`t take any more risks, you are far too young and beautiful to be damaged any more. Hugs Tigerlily
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i will Hunter!
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