thank you dear Narc

Thank you my Dear Narc...

Although this forum is full of struggle to recover from all the emotional pain you've caused us, it wouldn't be fair if I excluded some of the things you were good for, you good for nothing! I can't be a complete ingrate to what you've offered me, so here goes:

Thank you dear Narc for showing your true self, for opening my eyes to the true evil that exists out there, and for preparing me to be cautious of any future encounters out there with people like you!

Thank you dear Narc for all the painful, trial silent treatments. This really helped me establish one BIG looonnngggg FINAL silent treatment called NC! Yup No Contact, for my own sanity!

Oh and one more thing (btw hope you guys didn't think this was going to be a long thank you list lol)

Thank you dear Narc for teaching me all about your selfish ways. When we were together it was all about YOU YOU YOU, and I forgot about poor little, non existent me. Well now that you're gone it's time to pay way MORE attention to ME ME ME. It's unfortunate that I had to come across someone like you in my life to prove that I had been neglecting my own self worth, nonetheless I'm thankful.

Ok one last one...

I'm also thankful that psychosnarc showed his true colors when he did and that I was granted the wisdom from higher powers to save myself from a life full of misery, toxicity, and despair.

Have a wonderful day everyone :)

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