So you think the sex was so 'intense...'

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Sep 16 - 1AM (Reply to #11)
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yeah i heard some expert say

yeah i heard some expert say that narcs and psychopaths all have higher levels of testosterone, even the female ones
Sep 15 - 7PM (Reply to #4)
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Into the light

Mine did the withholding too. I am sooo addicted to him, have cravings, thoughts, etc all the time.. It is unbearable. I think it has been 5 weeks. I want him and only him, yet i am starting to remember just how terribly he treated me and his stupid childish games and weird ways. I think i can see how he cultivated this addiction. Sex was always fantastic, intense and it lasted a long time. And in the beginning it seemed that his goal was to knock me off my feet and OFTEN. He created someone who had to have it. And for me, it was all the time. Don't you think they make us addicts so during the D&D, ST, NC, and years later they KNOW we will still have the craving and addiction to them? They secure continued supply! CR
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Just like a dope pusher

they give it to you for free at first and get you good and hooked.
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This is exactly how it feels.

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thanks for this reminder. he

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Pride and Shame
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Dope Pushers

Yup, Rosedewittbukater, EXACTLY.
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Great Post!

Very enlightening, thanks everyone! Mine even SAID he wanted me to be sexually addicted to him. Unfortunately he overdid it on the withholding - no "before", no "after" and a maximum of 5 minutes (I`m being magnanimous) in between. But when you`re emotionally starved, it feels like rain in the desert. Couldn`agree more.