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#1 August 5, 2009 - 10:15pm
Anonymous (not verified)
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zoezoe's story

Oh My God

I was surfing through the internet and came across this site.
I have left my "N" about a month now. My "N" was satan. I am convinced of that. If you would like to read more of my story please visit my Blog zoezoedread.wordpress.com

I cannot belive there are so many women who are going or have been through this.My heart is so heavy right now.

I knew I wasn't the only one but my God, I just keep reading and seeing so many strong, artulate, and I'm sure beautiful women. Is there a radar or something out there, I'm afraid to even think about another relationship. Are there any sane men left? My "N" was very sick (is sick). And played me like his fav CD. Never would I have thought that this man was as crazy as he was. But I am here to say, he almost had me. I thought I was insane. He had his family beliving I was the sick one. I was insecure, needy, and 'couldn't make it without him.'

On my Blog I go into details more, but he almost won, and when I did leave, he stated in court, it must be someone else, someone is making me do this. The judge was so sick of him and told us to take that soap outside. He was unbelievable.

The man who would say to me on a daily basic, "stay in your place or be replaced". This is a man who beat me almost to death, then dragged me upstairs to have sex with me. I can't believe, I was sick, I was so dependent on him and got nothing in return. Oh my God, just reading from other women has given me hope. But I must confess, I dropped the Order Of Protection feeling that holding on to it was making me even more bitter. I think in my own sick way, I wanted to find out if he would contact me. How sick is that. But by reading this site,I am finding out so much info about myself, and women and I am not alone.
What if he never tries to contact me? Then this was really a lie and how to I go on from there? In my heart of hearts I know he won't because he has damaged my rep. so bad that he would look like a fool to try to get me back, or make it out that I want him to get in troble with the police. I am such a mess.


August 6, 2009 - 5:49am
James (not verified)
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Thanks for sharing your story and web site. We all need to do our part in stopping this kind of abuse and acknowledge them for what they do to us and our children. Again, Thanks for sharing and am very glad you found Lisa's site. http://james-personalitydisorder.blogspot.com/