Ways You Can Turn Your Student Skills into Real-Life Hacks

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Sophia Clark
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Ways You Can Turn Your Student Skills into Real-Life Hacks

Student life can be uptight sometimes. Be it assignments, term papers, reading volumes of books, examinations, a social life and the pressure to get better grades. For most students, there is a general acceptance that school sucks! But for others who have faced the fact that they are going to be in school for a while, the school doesn’t have to suck for them. They learned skills and devised methods and ways of doing things such that their school life is a bit vibrant. Let’s consider some of these student skills and see how they can be turned into real life hacks.

Personal Finance
Every student can relate to the state of being broke while in school. It is almost a rite of passage that every student has to pass through. Being broke can mean different things to different students. One is that a student may not be having much to spend out of their pocket money. Second, is that they may not be making as much money as they would like to spend. Thirdly, they may have the money, but it gets finished as fast it gets into their pockets!
For most students, when they come to the realization that their personal finance and budgeting skills are wanting, they may have already reached the depths of brokenness. They may have just started their semesters with a bang only for them to realize that they cannot sustain themselves for three-quarters of the semester. They then they set themselves down and subject themselves to serious soul searching to get a solution.
So, how have some students coped with matters relating to personal finance while in school? They have enhanced their budgeting skills. This involves taking account of the incomes and expenditures for a set period. This helps them track how much money trickles in versus how much they spend. If you are a student, it’s probable that 25% of your money goes to bills and liabilities and 10% to savings.
This skill is vital and can be a utilized in real life. In fact, it is more practical in real life situations owing to the ever pressing need for consumer products. But how?
At the most basic, start by tracking where your money is going. List the essential and the non-essential things that you are expanding on and use the information to make a rational decision. Always look for the better deals on purchases to help you save a buck. Most importantly, find the balance between what you need and what you want. By doing this, you will have a firm hold on your financial life.

Agenda Setting

Agenda setting promotes objectivity

When you take a look at the lives of most successful people, they have one thing in common. They approach matters with purpose and objectivity. Most of them have clear schedules of work and have their time well planned. It can be said that their lives are well structured.
As a student, you may be bombarded with many things. We have mentioned some of them at the beginning of this article. What are you to do when faced with all those things and each of them is equally compelling? Most students have developed agenda-setting skills to enable them to have a well set out structure of their school lives. With this skill, they have been able to create timetables for study, creating schedules for leisure activities and also making time for personal fitness. These schedules and timetables make them highly effective people capable of completing tasks at given times.
To achieve this skill, prioritize activities with their sense of urgency, relevance, and importance. For those working in the public sector, it has been known to increase awareness and information. Psychologists endorse it as a force that increases the quality of life and productivity in the workplace. If you are in the field of policy-making and communication, agenda setting can be utilized to elevate important issues to the public agenda. It makes one have a constructive flow of work and activities. It also lets activities take place at their right time.

Taking Up a Hobby

Take up a hobby to lighten your life

It may sound cliché, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Students spend most of their school life in class. However, it gets boring at times, and school life may turn out to be monotonous. Most students have learned how to break away from the monotony of school life by indulging themselves in their all-time hobbies. It serves them well, and it also makes them better learners as their brain takes a break to digest all that has been learned in class. Taking a case of juggling, students who often indulge themselves in juggling have been seen to have developed grey matter which is responsible for intelligence.
In the same light, continuing with the same spirit even when you have graduated from campus is beneficial. Taking up a hobby can be a real life hack for you to increase your intelligence as well as break away from daily life monotonies. For a better result, choose those hobbies that require high concentration and motor skills. You can even write college argumentative essay topics . You could also engage in a physical and mental activity such as learning a martial art. Neurological studies have proved that physical activities tend to reduce stress and they enhance the brain's ability to grasp new things. It’s a win-win situation for you in real life.