My story with a Narcissist

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My story with a Narcissist

I wanted to see if anyone can relate. I met my narc about 3 years ago. Our daughters play sports together. I am married(but we were having problems). He came to me asking me about the work I did and then started texting me first about work but then making me feel like I was the most beautiful person he had ever met. It turned sexually very quick and he told me how overwhelming his feelings for me were. He didn't let on he had a girlfriend until she showed up to one of their games with him. He never once cared I was married either. He befriended my husband and manipulated me into being friends with his girlfriend. We all hung out together and eventually he talked me into a threesome with his then girlfriend. He started discarding me and being distant and when i would ask why he would ignore my questions and begin saying he felt guilty because I was married. After I asked around every relationship he's been in has been with a married woman. He just felt guilty with mine. Surprise all his exes are all crazy. A year went on like this and then his gf at the time got jealous and started immense drama i had to tell my husband and so the affair was out in the open. He kicked her out and me to the side said he didn't have time for drama (you know because he lives off of it and all) And come to find out he was talking to another woman as well ( a widow who collected her husbands insurance money) He told me they were just friends and told me he cared about me a lot. So for the about a year he was screwing us both and I knew something was off he would always have to be in control and things were always on his terms. One day she confronted me asking because it's a small town and she knew about the affair. We compared stories and surprise he may as well have copied and pasted our conversations. We both confronted him and he denied it all told her I was a liar and told me she was just trying to cause problems because he wouldn't be more than friends. Crazy me I believed him, but I was skeptical. I was separated for a brief time with my husband but with all the inconsistencies I lied just to see if it would matter and told my narc I was divorced. When we had our argument I told him I stopped the divorce and was going back, he came crawling back and made it sound like he didn't care I was still married then I told him I lied about being still married because I thought it would make him come back. We saw each other again for about a month, but only because I think he was trying to punish me and so he wanted me to ask my friend for a threesome. He was sending her pics and messaging her and she was mortified. It was because I had told him she wasn't happy in her marriage and thought he could get to her. When he realized he wasn't going to he had sex with me one last time ( and it was horrible he answered his cell phone during, tried to force anal without lube, and just made horrible comments during) almost like hate sex. That following week he started being short, not answering me, telling me he was just busy had a lot in his life going on. Well by that he meant the woman that confronted me was also still seeing him God only knows what he told her. I went by his house to drop off Christmas gift, he hid in the house wouldn't answer phone or come to the door. I was about to leave and some other woman pulled up behind me she stayed in the car forever and he stood at the closed door looking out. I just left and then flipped and sent him awful text telling him just what i thought and he of course told me I was insane and that it was one of his workers... Yeah she was going to work it all right. Then I found out that on Christmas Day he went with the woman that confronted me to an out of town trip with her kids and his. I confronted and he just ignored and then when I sent more telling him off he accused me of being insane. Yes I did act insane I would cuss him then apologize get mad again and then apologize. He made me this person that i have never been. He never acknowledged the gift not even a thank you. He just discarded me and knew my grandad was dying at Christmas. He sent horrible responses telling me I was stupid and annoyed him and that is why he stopped talking to me. Now I have gone no contact and I will have to see him when the sport our daughters play together starts back in August. I don't know that I can handle it. I told him I lied about things and was in fact still married and that we were going to work on things, he of course told me to not message him again because I was married (this doesn't matter to him but now everything is my fault and he is the victim of another crazy woman) I am working on fixing my marriage and he has been so understanding. I was looking for love and already had it. None the less it still left a horrible emotional scar on me and everyday is a struggle to get through and wonder why someone would make you fall in love and tell you to leave your husband and never intend on being with you. It's evil.

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I'm currently going through

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Yes I agree about the devil

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Yes, the no contact is

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It just amazes me the hold

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Yes, I know what you mean. I

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I don't think he will reach

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As long as you didn't expose

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As long as you didn't expose

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No I didn't expose him I just

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