He Swept Me Off My Feet

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#1 February 2, 2017 - 3:48am
Scottish Lass
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He Swept Me Off My Feet

I met R on an online dating site. I had just separated from my husband and he swept me off my feet literally! He took me in his arms bent me over backwards and kissed me! Well what woman wouldn't be impressed by that! Over the next few months we met up, and then only 3 months later he gave me a beautifully written card which basically said, I know this may be a bit out of the blue but I have fallen in love with you. He was tall, handsome, well spoken, a professional, and I was completely and utterly under his spell. It was only later he told me he was in the midst of separating from his wife.

He talked about our future, we had great times. He moved across the country to a house be closer to me. I was by this point on the verge of depression but didn't realise it, then one day 3 years later I called him to ask what he wanted for dinner and he told me he was leaving me! Obviously I was crushed. Not believing him I turned up one day at his house a few weeks later unannounced (it was remote and fair drive away), to see another car in the drive, and I knew he had been seeing someone else! I fell apart then. By this point a friend through another friend told me that he had also been seeing a woman he worked with.

Forward 2 years and out of the blue he arrives one day at my door. Looking devastated, telling me he had made a terrible mistake. Stupidly I believed him, he got counselling, and we bought a home together, that was 4 1/2 years ago. Then one day I nosed at his work phone and there was a message from a colleague saying he was special, when I confronted him he got really angry gave me the silent treatment but then things settled. I should add the sex was the best ever. At Christmas he gave me a t-shirt 'Best girlfriend in the universe' 2 weeks ago I got home from work to find a letter to say he had fallen in love with someone else and if its any consolation its a recent thing! No emotion just a thank you for the years we had.

I tracked down his old girlfriend, the one he left me for and lo and behold he did the same to her and she was devastated and ill afterwards. She said he did the same to his wife. And then the lies unravelled. Looking from a distance I can see that he moves from one area to another. Facebook and Facebook sites are his stalking ground. He never stays in a relationship long but each time his behaviour is the same. His ex girlfriend gave me other names of women he had seen. He deactivated his account that day when I was at work and then reactivated it to look at my wall to see what I had written and he did the same to his old girlfriend too, to get his fix probably. Everything was about him, this house is nearly 90%him and I was moulded to fit into his world.
Financially he never wanted to pay his way either.

So that is my story and like many I am trying to piece together my life again and move forward.