Different for Highschool

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#1 December 12, 2017 - 8:22am
Mary Lee
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Different for Highschool

Hi I have some questions about the healing process when you're still in school.

To give some background, I got dumped for another girl after dating this guy for about a year, after the breakup I realized how abusive he was in so many ways. His smear campaign turned all of my friends against me, they chose him over me (even my old best friend is a flying monkey). I'm pretty lonely at school and am doing EDMR trauma therapy for the abuse so I'm still doing better every day. Here are my questions.

With this new girl, they aren't dating but I've been told they are "hooking up" and have been acting as such for 3 months (the abuse for me started about 4 months into the relationship). I am wondering if he will abuse her too. He abused me mentally, sometimes physically, and sexually. If or when she speaks up, will the flying monkeys realize? Will they return to being friends with me? They are all aware of the sexual abuse because they overheard me talking to a friend thus I was forced to report it, but at the moment they think I'm lying out a jealousy (yeah jealous over a narc... yeah right!) I'm also wondering how long it will take for the mask to fall if it ever even does.

Here's my questions laid out:
1) Will he abuse his next girl, even though they aren't dating but are acting as such?
2) If he does and he gets outed, will my old friends return to me from their flying monkey status?
3) How long will it take if he does get outed? It's been about 3 months so far.

Does justice exist? Thank you so much for reading, please help a girl out!