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#1 August 25, 2009 - 10:45pm
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Auntie's Story

My N has custody and has for nearly a decade. After several years of banging my head against walls, enduring telephone calls at work filled with screaming diatribes and hateful vitriol, and endless nights of crying and shame, I finally went as close to NC as I can about three years ago. It was so nerve wracking that my doctor had to put me on anti-depressants for a long time.

As my kiddo gets older, understanding is beginning to creep in. Kidlet is beginning to see that under the smiling, good-looking exterior that Dad shows off to the world is a deadbeat loser who doesn't care about anyone else but himself. Unfortunately, the N's entire extended family is dysfunctional in the extreme, and kidlet is constantly guilt-tripped (albeit subtly) about how much more significant and important they are compared to me. Oh, and did I mention that the N lives with his Mommy and Daddy?

Unfortunately, the N is really good at convincing others that I, rather than he, is the psycho, and so not only do I not get accurate information from N or his family (yeah, right), but I also have limited to no cooperation with doctors, educators, etc. I'm a bank account and nothing more.

I know I have to live with this situation for a while yet, but while it means wishing my own life away, I cannot WAIT for 2017, when kidlet will be eighteen. I cannot WAIT to be rid of this manipulative, freakish nutjob forever.

August 28, 2009 - 11:51am
dolce (not verified)
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lives with mommy and daddy

Mine is 40 and moved back to his mommy and daddy's house where he is pampered.
August 28, 2009 - 11:43am
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Dear Aunty

I just read your story. What a nasty low man. Yuck! Thanks for what you wrote to me as well. I'm sorry I can't give you any advice about kidlets, but you have my support and prayers. I do know that kids are pretty smart, they work it out sooner or later. Its amazing how strong we can be when we have to hey. I hope that you get some release from this pressure way before 2017. Basically, I want to wish you lovely, nice things after all the crying and horrible things that happened.
August 27, 2009 - 9:36am
s_simons (not verified)
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Sorry you are having such a rough time with your ex. I, too have an ex from hell and 3 kidlets. My kids are all in their 20's now, but because I had the guts to take their precious father to court for money he owed me on a peice of property, they aren't speaking to me. My daughter told me she was "all done". In their defense, they were caught in the middle. I know he talks about me and how miserable I made him, even though I did everything for him, but nothing was good enough. They don't remember the subtle stuff that went on. Life goes on and I hope you get to have some good times with your child, and feel better!