The Shadow Effect

I found this quiz, which is based on a book written by Debbie Ford and some other authors, it`s called "The Shadow Effect".

And basically tells that each of us, have a "shadow", aspects in our life that we keep hidden inside ourselfs, in the Dark so to say, because we do not want to face these aspects. We have buried these aspects into a shadow because we don`t wish to face them as part of our personality, when we get angry out of nowhere, or I don`t know.

I found this initially, because I have been dreaming that I was being chased by some scary monsters. And it made me think, along the stuff and actual toxic N people that might "plan" something again, that what if, it is my fears, my Darkside, that I am also running from, and do not wish to face? Just a thought, lol :] And it lead me to this book, which I found pretty interesting, as for Self-exploring, especially the parts that we keep hidden in our subcounscious.

Maybe some of you will too.

Here it is:

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