Saionara! And hello to the new victim...

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Saionara! And hello to the new victim...

Hello dear S,

this is a letter to tell you that... well. I am done here. Finito. The end. Ciao.

And you know what? It has never been about you. It has always been about me. Me, my self-esteem, my values, my ability to truly love people. To genuinely care about someone.

It has always been about my ability to feel. Unfortunately, you don't know what this is, so I won't even bother to explain at this point. It would be a waste of my time, and I have wasted enough time (and money...) with you.

Love and feelings is something that you can not explain in a letter. Because only human beings can feel. And the truth is... you are not one. You have no life inside you, or very little. Hence, the very basic need of any human being, love, well... you can't know what it is.

I will try however to describe briefly what love is. Love is being with you in a hospital the day you broke your leg. When you love someone, you do what I did. You stand next to the person you care about, and hold their hand, talk to them so they forget the physical pain, you make sure you have all the meds, that the bed is ready for when you get home, to carry you to bed so you don't have to walk. Well this is just an example amongst a million others but like I said, I won't linger on explaining you what love is.

I am tired of you contradicting yourself, you pseudo-analytical contradictory speeches I no longer care about. Your sense of entitlement, all that bullcrap.

The day I left you, I told you we had different values. And yes we do. When you answered that I was being obnoxious and that I was coming across as if my values were more "noble" then yours well you were partially right. I was not being obnoxious, I was being realistic. And yes, I have values AND integrity. And these are two things you'll never have.

The best example I can give you is how you are making a fool out of the person you are currently with. When I broke up with you, you went on and on for weeks, telling me I was the man of your life, that you wanted to build a family with me, be next to me and then suddenly you are in "love" with someone out of the blue? When the day prior I was the man of your life? And you REALLY wantes me to know you were with someone, since you didn't hesitate to text me how happy you were...

And then you go, showing him all around, your new victim, posting pictures everywhere of you and him, pretending you are the happiest person on earth? Let me recap something here: happiness is a human feeling... remember... you are NOT human.

Oh, and let's not even mention your fu**ing hoovering attempts. You are with someone, probably having "the time of your life" and 2 months within NC (initiated by me of course) you send me a text out of the blue asking how I was doing because you saw some happening in the news that "reminded me of you"?

Come on... Have some respect for who you are with. Little does he know why you are with him. Little does he know that he is being used to get a reaction out of me. The problem is, I will not take you back. Never. Not even for ONE night, not even ONe shag. Never. You have probably never been dumped before because of your looks... but your looks were not enough for me.

Again, I have integrity and I expect people to treat me with respect, because I respect people. I don't undermine them, I don't think people are inferior because they don't make this much $$ or because they have different hobbies or what have you. You are so judgemental.... And you are using someone at this very moment to "pretend you are happy" but god only knows how miserable you feel when you wake up, with all your insecurities.

So listen. Don't call me. Don't text me. I won't answer. Try to have some respect for your new victim. Actually, I would love for you to change and give him what you were uncapable of giving me: respect and love (though you said you loved me countless times). Don't use him. Because he may not have the strength that I had to say ENOUGH. I hope you won't ruin his life. I hope you will be able to make him happy... but I doubt. You are an emotional vampire.

I am done here... I have people around me I want to give love to, care about, share genuine moments with, share what I have, what I earn. I want to give them what I have because it is the best feeling ever...


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Well said....