A quote I would like to share with you

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A quote I would like to share with you

It is "harsh", but we all know NARCs are evil creatures. Mine was a female and please don't see any mysoginistic meaning behind it. I am not bitter at women. Quite the contrary :) See it from the NARCs perspective

So it goes:

"Never fight with a pig. You will get dirty, and the pig will like it".


Don't break NC, don't engage with them (don't throw yourself in the mud")

Stay clean, just erase them. No bother to fight in the dirt because no matter what, you will never come clean out of it. Don't snoop on their activities (I did it at the beginning and it was like throwing myself head first in the mud. I have been full NC for 6 months now)

Stay strong!

Apr 3 - 11AM
Done sourcing
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Oink Oink!

Apr 2 - 9AM
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Here's to staying out


Apr 2 - 7AM
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Great Buzz! Hunter

Apr 2 - 6AM
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As my mom would say..,

Apr 1 - 9PM
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Dirt n crap, pig is a pig