People treat us the way we ALLOW them to treat us & review of 50 Shades of Grey

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People treat us the way we ALLOW them to treat us & review of 50 Shades of Grey

Yes, that would be my take as well. The book was filled with TYPICAL entry level B&D, S&M, type of stuff. If you have read anything on the subject, this type of thing or book is 101. I guess it appeals to the typical housewife or single, who is looking for some spark and spice to their dull or non existent sex life. A somewhat naive woman who THINKS this shit translates into love somehow. Or desire from him. A way to hold on to him, if you will.

I saw porno back in the 70's which was racier than this book, it was a big yawn for me, AND somewhat sad to me, that many women STILL THINK, that SEX is the way to a man's heart.

Reminds me of that book, "The Secrets" like it was some NEW or BIG, thing, it was all taken from tried and true concepts which have existed for centuries, nothing new there either.

What it shows me, is just how much of our population live's in darkness. Like with health foods, these concepts have existed for decades and now they read it like it is some new thing.

Apparently ignorance is bliss for many.

I have rarely had a guy present such a concept to me, aside from HINTS about a few small things. I ALWAYS PRETENDED, I had no clue what they were talking about and they took a pass on me. They preen you from the first encounter, with comments, to see how you will react. I had one guy ask me what I would do if he forced me to do something and I sweetly smiled at him and said innocently, first I would punch you as hard as I could and then I would call 911, and he said softly, OK OK, I GET IT. Needless to say, the topic was never broached again.

We get treated the way we allow others to treat us and we do what we want to do, this is my take on the subject.

Where you have boundaries there is no control, where you don't, there is. Really is that simple when all is said and done.

I lacked boundaries with the money thing, so I got taken advantage of in that area, I had strong boundaries with the sex thing and they never crossed them.

Many Many woman here are under the delusion that if, you do what a man wants, he will love you more or respect you more. WHEN the TRUTH of the matter is the EXACT opposite, he will respect you less. A woman with strong boundaries is loved and respected far more than a woman without. I have seen this fact played out time and time again. There is no doubt about this fact to me.

This is one of life's secrets, that some women know and GET, and many do not. If I can impart this one fact on any of you here, then I have done my job.

Lots, of love,

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50 Shades Prepped Me For My Narc

Dec 24 - 5AM (Reply to #56)
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Wow Selena I love this!!! And

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Goldie you sometimes post

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Well worth reading this entire thread

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A word of warning can prepare you for the battle!

Jun 7 - 6PM
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Fantastic blog

Nov 5 - 9AM
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Bump for the newbies, for the lurkers,


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Learning to place boundries

Oct 14 - 3PM
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This is all so true. I read

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I'm listening I'm hearing....

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TRUE, however........

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No mam.. A ticket straight to

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Great Post Goldie!

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We always have the right to just say NO

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Self empowerment will get you everywhere in life.

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''Many Many woman here are

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i also view 50 shades, as a

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I'm never

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Did We Teach The Narc?

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And this is the very attiutde which keeps many stuck

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Better Now
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Amen to that

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Well said

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Yes Used

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Wow, do I ever love


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Saying we teach others how to

Journey on...

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I don't know how it happened