Will A Narcissist Leave You Alone if Another Guy is With You? Such as a Husband?

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#1 January 6, 2017 - 12:03am
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Will A Narcissist Leave You Alone if Another Guy is With You? Such as a Husband?

I am wondering if anyone has the experience of having another man AFTER the narc. Does the narc lose interest in you (no hoovers or contact) or does he try to become "friends" (again) with your new man and you?

My situation is the narcissist started off as (pretending) to be religious therefore "safe" and friendly with my husband but I kinda felt like he was hitting on me IN FRONT OF my husband but dismissed it because he "seemed" very religious. Over several months the narc "family friend" kept pushing the line to the point where the regular ride home from a college class took me by surprise and turned into being held "hostage" (because he lived in a gated community) at the narcs apartment for two days. I didn't cheat on my husband but the narc did this to make my husband "think" I was having an affair with the narc. Also to show narc's "control" over my fate and as a threat. It was a classic good ole narc triangulation.

I told my husband what happened and he told the narc to leave me alone and block me on social media.
The narc did sorta.... after 2 months.... not right away.

It took me awhile to figure out "what" he was. I was surprised by the "smear" campaign. I wasn't the narc's girlfriend. I must have been very good "friend" primary supply (I guess) which might explain the severe backlash. I was surprised the narc was acting in the same way narc's act with ex-girlfriends... showing off the "new" supply in profile photos and lovey dovey photo posts and comments (on girlfriend's Facebook). I was previously friends with her by the way and she suddenly unfriended me (I found out he smeared me to her) even though I wasn't her "romantic competitor" because I was already married. I wanted to reassure her and sent her a "I wish you both well" message and SHE blocked me. I could not understand how dumb and brainwashed she was by the narc.

I thought the narc has a "real" girlfriend except he kept bothering me even though I was married.
AFTER all the "look at my new amazing girlfriend" posts the narc decided to contact my best friend (a mutual friend) and YELL at HER blaming her for the end of my friendship with narc.

The good news is I gave my best friend the heads up about the situation months before so she did buy what the narc said. She blocked him on Facebook.

So will the narc eventually stop bothering me (via my friends) or other means? I have not contacted HIM or mentioned him to any friends.