Stirred but not shaken!

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#1 November 20, 2017 - 8:35pm

Stirred but not shaken!

I feel only admiration and validation for everyone who has posted everywhere on this blog. I've read every post thoroughly and can only say that in-spite of the same outcomes you must give yourself self affirmation that you were and are capable of giving the greatest gift we possess, 'Unconditional Love' to those that are not capable. You have done the very possible that all past true masters spoke about. The beautiful ways you expressed this unconditional love cannot be ignored but only cherished if you allow to feel it as such. Yes, we have our range of emotions to cycle through these unpleasant and painful experiences and it is encouraged to feel and embrace them all for they are part of our 'Absolute Truth'. You were and are never alone in this world because in the depths of your soul you have kept to your promise to secure the fire of the spirit (Absolute Truth). In our life's journey we have and will encounter our experiences in every passing moment(s) that accrue to our promise that we are capable and will remain capable of love as you have demonstrated throughout your lives thus far. Take a moment to feel how you felt through each experience. Our true self instead feels the pains and sufferings for these souls that have lost their 'way', lost their ability to love. We feel this way because we cannot see it is their soul that is being tormented and you are being very receptive to it. The unseen by the 'feeling body'. They only act from their 'thinking body' (mind) which obviously makes them self-imprisoned to their acts of self love. It is imperative that we remain true to ourselves and we keep our promise of 'Unconditional Love' for not ourselves but for all things. That we stay true to the path of wisdom that will prevent us from losing our ways when encountering such beings and quest only for a healthy, peaceful and loving life we have always wanted. You did not fail! You succeeded in the giving the greatest gift we have for ourselves for one another. 'True, Unconditional Love'!

PS: Obviously I didn't share my experience. I am highly sensitive to all the sufferings and this post became my purpose to validate everyone. I'll post my experience tomorrow. My peace be with you always!

November 28, 2017 - 1:55pm


Thank you for sharing this lovely, encouraging post. I especially adore this one line: "It is imperative that we remain true to ourselves and we keep our promise of 'Unconditional Love'..." This is so true. We cannot let the dark, abusive, cruel antics of the Narcissist, steal our light. Peace be with you as well.


November 29, 2017 - 7:59am (Reply to #2)

@Fearless/Your most welcome!!

@Fearless/Your most welcome!!! Thought I was just going to share my story but after viewing ALL posts my comment just took on a life of its own. I believe my situation came to its ultimate death today, weekend, from day one??? These types of relationships are death notices from the very start. Fortunately for me this individual wasn't only a N type with personality disorders but also practiced fraud using her blog as a front to lure, entice victims. I work for the gov in security, have a nephew who's a city detective and great friends which helped out where many people don't have these resources. Friends told me I should share this unique story in case it can save someone, due to the lack of education in this area, the misfortune.

November 29, 2017 - 1:45pm (Reply to #4)


You may be surprised at the increased awareness through recent years. Narcissism is on the rise and those who are passionate about supporting victims of NPD are stepping up to face the challenge. Only you can choose to share your story, definitely a personal decision. I will agree that more people should become aware as many are clueless to the behaviors and its damaging effects on the victims of NPD. Like many, I did not know what a narcissist was until I had been brutally discarded by one. Its a life changing moment. Thank goodness six years ago I landed here at The Path Forward and got help... now I am back hoping to help others. I'm so sorry about your experience but very glad you are gaining an understanding and moving forward. XOXO


November 29, 2017 - 8:05am (Reply to #3)

Do I post story in 'About Her

Do I post story in 'About Her' or here? Think I just answered it?

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