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#1 November 3, 2009 - 7:08pm
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His crazy family

Not only do I get drained dealing with my N husband but I have to deal with his entire family. They are very much involved in our life. Especially his mom and one sis. His mom says cold and nasty things sometimes. Like she will make fun of my cooking in front of people or she will say something insulting about mu outfit. I don't mean to brag but I'm a very good cook. She also gets mad if mu husband does something nice for me. She gets upset if any of her sons do ni e things for their wives.

His dad had a respectable job over 30 years ago. When he lost his job he never worked again because he thought he was too good to work a regular job. So he has been unemployed since he was in his 40s now he's in his 70s. His dad looks down at everyone. My husband tells me that his dad doesn't like me because I come from a low class family. I was so upset and hurt. I said well my parents don't sit around collecting welfare. Their house is almost paid off. Their cars are paid off. They go o. Vacations and enjoy life. Who cares if my dad doesn't have a fancy job. He is self employed and makes enough to live a good life. My in laws just stay home collect welfare and talk about how much better they are because mu father in law had a fancy job over 30 years ago. They are so cheap. They hate wasting even a penny. When they see me with new clothes my mom in law wants to know how much I bought it for. She tells me not to spend money and to put any money I have in my husbands account. His ex gf has access to his account so any money that goes there she takes it. And his sister is so jealous. My husband mentions all the time he will buy me things but he never does it's all for show. When he shows off in front of his sis forget it. She gets so jealous and angry. She tells people I make her bro waste all his money on me. I'm after his money etc. In reality there is no money he just makes it seem like he has money but he doesn't. His sis also tells the whole fam I
wasting money so I get calls from everyone telling me not to make him buy me things especially his mom. Once I told his mom did u ever see him buy me anything? She didn't say anything. They are so in love with money. Everyday all they talk about is money.

They never enjoy life or just laugh and joke around. Everyday it's about money. And they all compete against one another and backstab each other. They steal money fro
each other. I have never met such selfish, uncaring and money hungry people in my life.

They were very much involved in his ex wife's life too. When I complain to him about what they do or say to me he doesn't want to hear it. I guess he sees them in him so he thinks I'm complaining about him. He puts me down and makes fun of me in front of them I get mad at him and he tells me I'm stupid because I don't get jokes. I say how come I am your only target why don't you pick on one of your family members he says "because they are my wife". What does that mean?

November 3, 2009 - 7:32pm
Shelley (not verified)
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Hi WoundedSoul !

Are you still with your husband? Are you willing to keep putting up with such disrespect and misery? Your situation sounds like a good friend of mine. She has stayed in a loveless marriage with a critical abuser and it has cost her dearly. She has painful arthritis from continual stress and a weakened immune system, sleep problems, exhaustion, headaches, back trouble, etc. Please consider the high price you are paying every day that you remain in the company of cruel people. I hope you can find a way out.