Break From Reality

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Break From Reality

About 6 months ago, I went to an attorney and showed him one of the many letters written to me by my Xnp. Without hesitation, the attorney recognized immediately the truth about this sicko. The attorney said whoever wrote this letter has had a severe break from reality and is trying to provoke you into responding. The attorney's advice: "DO NOT RESPOND!!!!" He said if there must be communication, you must do it through a third party: law enforcement or a lawyer or a qualified therapist. He said this man is like a poisonous creature and it's wiser to avoid him than to try and find an antidote.

I listened to the attorney, even though there were times that I was tempted to confront the maniac, and eventually I came to understand how truly dangerous a disordered man really is. Although he might not "kill" me in the traditional sense, his weapons of warped mentality and cruel and calculating words inflict deep, ugly, painful scars that may never heal.

NO CONTACT or ABSOLUTE AVOIDANCE is not easy. Nobody ever said it would be. But it is essential to stay away from the beast who will continue to devour your mind and heart!! My therapist gave me these words of wisdom: "He's taking up space in your head and not paying's time to evict the bum!!"

Oct 30 - 4PM
Barbara (not verified)
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great post Shelley

well, actually pathologicals don't break from reality. they were never IN REALITY in the first place. But you are absolutely right. NC is the only way. No matter what the books say there is no way to "cope" or "handle them." ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Abuse Information Site Online Coaching & Help
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Shelley (not verified)
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thanks Barbara

Thanks Barbara for phrasing it that way: "they were never IN REALITY in the first place." That brings the chilling reality home even more to those of us who have struggled and are still struggling to believe he really is that disconnected.
Oct 30 - 6PM (Reply to #3)
4joys (not verified)
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Good girl, Shelley :)

Good girl, Shelley :)
Oct 30 - 6PM (Reply to #4)
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Hoping your ok, haven't heard from you lately... Are you keeping up the NC? Check in when you can :)
Oct 30 - 6PM (Reply to #5)
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Right ON!! Good people know how to Idenitfy this!!

Thank you!!