Old Photos - The fakeness

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#1 Jun 18 - 5AM
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Old Photos - The fakeness

I was looking back at some old photos of the N and I. On the surface they appear to be a facade of happiness - arms round each other, kissing, City breaks away.

All taken in between the abusive cycles of course.

I look back at such pictures and realise how skilled these people actually are. These photo's represent a mask of deception; an ideology of how the N wanted outsiders (including friends and family) to see the relationship.

Anyone else feel like this about their photos?


Jun 26 - 6PM
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Jun 18 - 11PM
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Looking back at photos of my

Looking back at photos of my ex I now see a coldness in his eyes too, they are empty. I don't know why I didn't see it before, there is no emotion there. Looking at him at work the other day he seemed so happy it made me sick. But whenever I look in his eyes I may aswell be looking at a stranger there is no warmth or feelings there. He is completely cold and cut off from me and maybe always was.
Jun 19 - 2AM (Reply to #8)
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Mine had massive blue eyes - but they were eery. His whole pupil used to show, which actually gave him the look of a psycho! Hey I read in one of your posts your coming to the UK. Whereabouts are you from and what brings you over here? xx
Jun 21 - 12AM (Reply to #9)
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Hey Gerri, Mine had massive

Hey Gerri, Mine had massive blue eyes too, but really light blue so kinda cold and creepy. I'm from Australia, planning on a getaway to Europe and the U.K. I used to work in London with the Narc when things were good with us, have a lot of good memories from there. Where abouts in the U.K. are you from?
Jun 21 - 12AM (Reply to #10)
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Squinty light blue eyes mine

Squinty light blue eyes mine had. Used to think they were sexy. They are sexy if you like cold dead fish
Jun 18 - 8AM
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Oh yeah...

When I look at pics of Narc, I see the deadness in his eyes...no feeling. He keeps old pics up of himself, when he was in shape on FB as his profile pics. His kids are in middle and high school and in the pics he posts, they are all under 8 or so. But that's the facade he wants to put out there. His hook is his victim story of being a single dad and his kids mom dying. He plays on people's symapthy and pity and whoever bites gets taken in, like me. I see him doing it to other female mutual friends from back in the day. So far, noone has bit and I certainly will not warn them, they will have to figure it out on their own. I know he wants me to say something to them so that he can prove how psycho I am, but I won't. Noone knows about us and nobody will. More then anything, he is afraid of me outing him to all our mutual friends. He knows I know the truth about him. When I dumped him and blocked him after finding the OW pics on FB, he went into over drive. Trying to be sweet at first but never apologizing, to complete rage and paranoia telling me to keep his name out of my mouth and never talk about him. He told me he would tell everyone that I had way different ideas about what a few times together meant. This after him telling me how much he loved me, i'm his best friend, he wants to be with me forever, he wants me to be the first and the last girl he ever kissed. What an asshole. I never responded to any of this and I know this must eat away at him. He has major anxiety and paranoia and he hates beign ignored. But that is exactly what he gets from me. NOTHING. That gives me the power! F@ck you Narc! Wow, I digress! All this from the pics comment~! So anyway, yes, I agree. It's the facade that they want others to see. LOSERS.
Jun 18 - 8AM
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Before I could move out I had to remove all the old photos when I cried for him so hard I felt like he died i kept thinking of our face in those photos framed in our living room all these happy times even now to remember those images makes me so sad I went in before I packed and put them ALL in a trash bag with the frames they meant so much to me at one time I could even touch the frames to save the frame and remove the picture he broke my heart in pieces I never cried so hard over someone in all life that was still living even now it makes me sad to remember the good times knowing now how it turned out
Jun 18 - 10AM (Reply to #3)
sunny 523
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Tears are falling as I read

Tears are falling as I read this. I feel the exact same way. :( Hugs to you. Mer
Jun 19 - 3AM (Reply to #4)
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Me too :( I've been having a

Me too :( I've been having a hard night... caught again between anger and sadness, being glad the narc is gone and missing who I thought he was.

Journey on...

Jun 21 - 12AM (Reply to #5)
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Im Feelin The Same Here Too.
Jun 18 - 7AM
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Hi Gerri! Ive mentioned this

Hi Gerri! Ive mentioned this subject a couple of times. All I see when I look at photos was FAKE FAKE FAKE. I look at pictures of my ex sociopath/narc holding his new born son and his eyes are scary! In EVERY single picture he could have been looking at a toaster, not his precious child. There was no love in his eyes. They were cold and dead. Don't know how I didn't see it for so long. Scary.