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Oh boy, do I have stories to add....

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#1 Jul 30 - 1AM
sunny 523
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Oh boy, do I have stories to add....

I have a harassment complaint against a co-worker that is pending as we speak. A narc co-worker (teacher!!) that I have had to put up with for the past 6 years! I have had a few narc principals, too. And boy oh boy, they have all loved me! NOT!

This teacher has badmouthed me to co-workers, parents, AND EVEN students. Luckily, I saved all of the written evidence, since she was stupid enough to send me nasty emails, and CC staff, and even the principal! She thinks she is beyond reproach. I am sure that this summer, she is thinking she got away with the things she has done.

Human resources conducted an investigation, and told me that they would be taking care of it when we get back to school in September. I will not let them drop the ball. If they do, it will turn into a legal matter. I refuse to be harassed any longer by this jerk!

If only I would have been this strong with my ex-N.

I will keep you all posted!



Jul 30 - 8AM
Lisa E. Scott
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Good for you, Sunny!

You should be so proud of yourself for not backing down. I know I am impressed. That's excellent that you have the written documentation. That's huge! Absolutely do not let Human Resources drop the ball on this when school is back in session. If you need any legal or HR advice, let me know. I would be happy to help. They absolutely MUST respond to you! xoxo, L
Jul 30 - 8AM (Reply to #2)
sunny 523
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Lisa, Thank you. I filed the

Lisa, Thank you. I filed the complaint in APRIL and still have no response as to what they are going to do. The HR director told me that he "may not tell me what her consequence will be" because of her privacy rights. Is that kosher?? Don't I have a right to know what is being done to resolve this issue?????? I want to make sure that they don't screw me. Because of her, I was moved to another room and grade level, while she keeps her room and gets to teach the same grade. So far, it seems like I am the one being penalized. Oh, did I mention that the principal is FRIENDS with the offending teacher??? What are my rights? M
Jul 30 - 9AM (Reply to #3)
Lisa E. Scott
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Clearly, you are being "retaliated against" for voicing your concerns. You're right, instead of taking action against the offender, they have moved you and caused you to suffer the unwanted consequence of having your room and grade level moved. You have a right to a "hostile free work environment" and they are not providing it. On August 1st, we move to a dedicated server and we will have 4 private Chat Rooms - one specifically allowing me to advise members on these matters in a confidential manner. Let's wait until we get that launched so I can discuss this with you in more detail. Hang in there - you have rights and I will be sure you know them before school starts! xoxo
Jul 30 - 9AM (Reply to #4)
sunny 523
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I definitely need your help.

I definitely need your help. I feel like this is not being handled correctly from HR. I was told back in April that they would have this handled in 30 days. In the meantime, NOTHING. Before school ended, my principal humiliated me in front of my bully, accusing me of being "sarcastic" to another co-worker, who is a friend of mine. I thanked my friend for doing a good job, that's it!!! When I told the principal that I was not being sarcastic, she refused to listen to me, and put a letter in my mailbox the next day that looked like I was being written up! After all of the shit that my bully has done to me, with the principal looking the other way, and probably laughing at me behind my back, she had the nerve to take the time to write a formal letter about this! When I confronted her about it, I got very upset, so she called the HR director in for a meeting that looked like I was going to be disciplined for this!!! The HR director told the principal that she could suspend me for being "insubordinate" if she wanted to. The principal never did write me up...probably knowing she was the one who started this whole mess stopped her. The HR director said that this incident and my harassment complaint were two separate situations, and I disagreed, telling him that if it weren't for the complaint, then the tension between everyone would not be occurring. I told him that the principal and bully were friends, and that I felt like I was being treated unfairly. Should I get a lawyer????? M
Aug 1 - 9PM (Reply to #5)
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two cents

Yes, in my opinion. If only to intimidate them. I worked as a high school for a year and I have never encountered so may screwed up people in one place. The Principal was having an affair with the (married) Athletic Director. The Vice Principal was gay and in denial and literally has 14 thru 16 year old boys in his office all day long - in groups - who sometimes answered the phone and at least once took his car off campus to get him lunch. The girl's softball coach was a known lech. One of the teachers, who had some sort of icky personality disorder, bullied anyone who had less seniority than her (me). I could go on. I feel for you. There were good ones, too, but geez it reminded me so much of being a high school student! The groundskeeping staff seemed pretty normal. I wish you luck.