the office christmas party

You all may be expecting some juicy story. . .sorry in advance to disappoint.

We just had our office Xmas luncheon today and of course there he was right in the thick of things, wearing his read Santa sweatshirt, yukking it up and surrounded by people.

I sat next to two people I kind of know but aren't really friends and NO ONE sat next to me. The way that I was feeling today was a little down anyway, so of course I took that the way you would when you were in Jr High School.

More to the point, it's been about 10 days of NC and I was leaving the building yesterday and I looked behind me as I opened the back door to hold it open if someone was there and he was about 10 feet behind me, so I had to hold it open for him and he said, "ho ho ho - how is your Christmas season?" I was pleasant, but I really don't want to be pleasant. He acts like nothing at all has happened, of course.

I really feel (still) pissed off. And now I am paranoid that everyone in the office knows what he did to me and tacitly approves. Which probably isn't true & so it makes me feel crazy that I even believe that.

I would totally think about getting another job but then he would win. Plus I generally like my job. God, it's just so frustrating to making progress emotionally and then just from a brief interaction with him (plus sitting near him at the luncheon) I am right back to sobbing after work.

And what's worse, it's my husband's birthday and I am so fucking caught up in this I can't really be there for him.

Oh, I am just full of self-pity today. I wish Christmas would just come and go already.

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you wont beleive how close to your situation ive been...i literally thought everyone was makign fun of me behind my work...but you know that feeling was partly right...since he had literally gone upto everyone (all the gossip mongers) and informed them that I was a cheater,...a whore...and what not...I took the decision of leaving the company even though i was up for a sure u cant leave BUT please minimize contact with him...he will only try to hurt u with evrything he does
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Hi Jean, I'm sorry to hear you are so down today, but I noticed you said in your post "I would totally think about getting another job but then he would win. Plus I generally like my job." I think If you found another job YOU would win - not him. You would be the one who didn't have to live with those brief interactions anymore that take you "right back to sobbing after work". If you only generally like your job then there has got to be a job out there you might like more. Something to consider for the new year maybe? Journey on...

Journey on...