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NPD in movies

Hey all! I couldnt sleep, so I got a list of movies that have barcissist in them, oppps typo! HAHhAh BARF-a-cissts! Thats funny :))
Narcissists in movies (some you may have seen like I have, but good movies)


Short list of movies with narcissists or N themes:

Monster in Law

Two narcissists vying for the love of a third narcissist; the mother law exclaims with some irony, "I can do boundaries!"

The Talented Mr. Ripley

The story of a group of young American narcissists living the Dolce Vita in Post WWII Italy. The movie shows how narcissists use and discard people, fuse with them, and practice "Marge Maintenance" to keep their suppliers of adulation and sex happy. Psychopathic Narcissist. Based on a series of books by Patricia Highsmith.

The Prime of Miss Brodie

A school mistress plays queen to a court of young girls, showing the pernicious influence a N can wreck on the young.

The Magus

In the 1968 film, the Magus actors where masks. N love disguises; the head Narcissist plays the Magus.

Wall Street

A power hungry and self centered stock broker in the Reagan years.

Life or Something Like It

Angela Jolie as a reporter who undergoes a transformation from aka NPD to good person - hard to believe.

To Die For

Nicole Kidman plays a TV personality who will do anything to get ahead, including murder.

Broadcast News

Inside look at the crazy narcissism of news gathering, very funny and inside jokes.


The movie about fashion with Sophia Loren and other fashion slaves.


I have not seen it but can imagine what the subject is; there is a TV show on paparazzi following around the actor clowns to see if they really are human, yep they are!

Girl Interrupted

Borderline and other mental disorders, one psychopath narcissist played by Angela Jolie (she must be an expert by now).

White Oleander

The drama between a N mother and her daughter.

Oct 31 - 6PM
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animal kingdom

animal kingdom by david michod...a great movie about a personality disordered family...particularly memorable narc/psychopath mother and a psychopath son...very good film
Oct 31 - 6PM
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Here's some more...

My former Narc boss LOVED "Talented Mr. Ripley"-mainly because of the shirtless Jude Law scenes. Jude's character is basically a Narc, while Matt Damon's character is a Psychopath. My former Narc boss also enjoyed the sequel starring John Malkovich. Dangerous Liaisons/Valmont- The former has John Malkovich starring as Valmont, and the latter has Colin Firth as Valmont. Both are about narcissistic French nobles who play with people's hearts for fun. During the final D&D, one of my friends referenced the line "The innocent still suffer." Deconstructing Harry- Woody Allen stars as a Narc who lives in his head. This same friend compared the ex-Psych (psychopath) to Woody Allen's character. The ex-Psych was a big fan of the Terminator movies and "Silence of the Lambs." The Passion of Ayn Rand- Helen Mirren stars as the narcissistic Ayn Rand, who toyed with her followers' relationships. The Last Station- Leo Tolstoy was a MAJOR Narc. Christopher Plummer stars as Leo, while Helen Mirren stars as Leo's wife Sofia. While the heroine of "An Education" escapes her Narc, this movie shows the results of being married to a Narc for 48 years. It makes for painful viewing. Apartment Zero- Colin Firth stars as a cerebral Narc, Adrian LeDuc, who is a chameleon. Even his demented mother doesn't recognize him. His roommate is a hunky somatic Narc who sleeps around. Evita- Eva and Juan Peron were MAJOR Narcs. Madonna channels how Evita was a diva, opposite Jonathan Pryce (as Juan) and Antonio Banderas (as Che Guevara)
Oct 31 - 4PM
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it's quite funny

it's quite funny that you mention this topic. i have been thinking recently about all the tv shows the N was obsessed with...and lo and behold, two of them that stick out in my mind have SUPER narcissistic main characters. The shows are Archer on FX and Californication on Showtime. Once (before I even knew what he was or what was happening to me) we were watching Archer (the first time I had seen it) and I jokingly said, "oh my gosh, that guy is YOU!" to him. Little did I know, it's the absolute truth. I wonder if he realizes he's like those characters or if he's just a fan of those shows BECAUSE he's like those characters...very interesting.
Oct 31 - 4PM
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It's Complicated - Meryl

It's Complicated - Meryl Streep surviving a narc ex husband - very enjoyable movie Someone Like You - funny romantic comedy with a major narc character in one of the leads and a happy ending for the non narc characters - loved it. It's about a Boy - a narc changed by the love instilled in him by a boy and the 'right' woman... never gonna happen, but a very good movie nonetheless if you can believe he's not a full fledged narc.

Journey on...

Oct 31 - 4PM
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another N film

God bless Michael Douglas, but he plays one realistic N!! This is one of his best performances: Solitary Man (film) I started watching it but I got so sick to my stomach watching this washed up, car dealer (My Ex sold cars so this was fitting) Narcissist going from one 19 yr old to another 19 yr old. THEY NEVER CHANGE AND WILL NEVER LEARN.
Oct 31 - 3PM
Je Suis
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Great List!

Yes-- both Wall Street Movies for sure, and don't forget Ausin Powers. This Youtube vid points out his histrionic disorder-- would be funny if it weren't so so sad!
Oct 31 - 12PM
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Reality Bites. The Matt

Reality Bites. The Matt Dillon character - don't remember his name. Narc'y all the way through. Looks like the perfect, happy ending, all of us here know that Winona is going to be left again after the movie ends.
Oct 31 - 12PM
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Jerry Maguire- narc playboy turns out to be a good man in the end due to the love of a good woman. Barf. An Education- true story of a young student who seduced by and nearly sacrifices her life dreams for a married narc. All of the Harry Potter books - -Tom Ridley is the ultimate narc trying destroy others who have what he wants. The Reader with Kate Winslet- she seduces, uses then discards a young teen. He later learns she was a former Nazi prison guard and has a history of lacking empathy for human beings. He continues to feel the scars of the relationship throughout the eat if his life. Teaching Miss Tingle- narc teacher gets it in the end!
Oct 31 - 8AM
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Hollywood has lots of

Hollywood has lots of material with these freaks!! Hunter