A Narc's home (house/apartment) - common traits?

I noticed something with my ex and was wondering if it might be a narc trait in general. He owned a nice condo in a high rise (and told me a couple times how "expensive" it was, as if I cared).

It looked like a hotel room. It was completely (and I mean completely) devoid of any personal affects except for a book by his night stand and his keys/wallet/phone on a counter. There was literally nothing else in the entire place that made it look like someone lived there. Nothing on the walls. Everything was white and beige, and perfect. Uber clean, nothing out of place.

He also did laundry constantly (every day), showered multiple times a day, and told me he didn't like the smells of other people. He wouldn't make eggs in the morning because of the smell.

I'll never forget one time when we had sex, and it was a bit sweaty. I didn't want to move afterwards (sorry for the detail). He said "stay right there" and got up. I figured he was going for a towel for me... wrong. The minutes ticked by. I finally got up after about 5, and ran into him. He had taken a shower. While I was lying in the sweaty bed, staying right there as instructed. I said "what the hell, you took a shower?" and he smiled.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the empty house/apartment/condo thing and the uber-control over his environment.

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God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.

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