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#1 Oct 29 - 2PM
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N mother

She is unbelivable. I came home for two days to pick some stuff, and I barely breathe in that house, I have my own key to my room, the second key (the first key I lost it in her room, my mistake, never heard a word about it since!)

She really REALLY tried to step on my buttons, and find oh another reason to call me a handycaped person, and she was out of reasons, since the decision of my college was mine, and the new place I chose, still mine decision.

She tried so hard to find a "ME, ME, ME" spot to bring me down, but I simply laughed and ignored her. And she finnaly managed to piss me off, when after no reason, after suposingly "cooking" for me, "like a best mom should do" (even if I made it CLEAR I don`t need anything, food, things from her), and that pisses her off even more, because doesn`t have "control" over my life.

I wanted to ask her something, and there it was, the known-so-well silent treatment! For Christ Sake, I`ve only been in that house for two days, and I`m leaving soon for good! (fulfilling her desire btw) and she throws another tantrum like a two year old!

I got so angry, I said to her that I can live without her food, her things, that I do not need anyhting else from a person like her, who treats me like a piece of sh*t, and doesn`t even have a reason for that! She behaves like a brat, and expects me to "fill" her neverending needs..I told her she makes me sick, and I hope I won`t see her face anytime soon.

This behaviour is far from new to me, having had to live with such self absorbed creatures for 2 years! It was a ME time now, I found myself a decent place, and I`m doing well on the line, but of course she does anything to ruin my life, at least one more time.

And trust me, I have a LOT of patience, since I step a foot in that house, she waited and tried to put me down, but didn`t succedeed. Tommorrow I`m out of that house, I can`t stand to be there another minute, with such sick disturbed persons. And she threw the "God" card too! After a week ago, calling me disgusting, handycaped. Typical Narcisist.

Is it any wonder, I got involved with another N?..Reading this one more time, NO..

Thank You, for listening, and for letting me vent tonight.

Oct 31 - 8PM
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There is always a deeper

There is always a deeper reason why we were narced in the first place! As for your mom.. Boundaries Hunter