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My eXN loves her new victim

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#1 Jul 5 - 6PM
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My eXN loves her new victim

Ok so its been 4 weeks since i got my ex out of the picute. I have posted the background on My Story forum..

Yesterday my exN contacted me as I was ignoring her. I was told I was being pathetic and immature... This was after flashing her new partner on FB for me to see and then asking me to be a refernece for her... She told me she loves him and gives him more appreciation than she ever gave me in 18-months...

This was after asking me for sex and other things over the last 3-4weeks which she denies. I am at a place where I a glad she is out of my life, but the pain is real... I have envoked NC, but how can she love him after 3-weeks???

Aug 13 - 5AM
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8 weeks

Aug 4 - 11PM
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Welcome..I think

Jul 30 - 4PM
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She doesn't love him. She

Jul 9 - 7AM
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Re: Your last post is the reason I joined this group....

Jul 10 - 2PM (Reply to #9)
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How's it going

Jul 12 - 9PM (Reply to #11)
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Narcisgone and Costa

Jul 12 - 4AM (Reply to #10)
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Doing ok

Jul 6 - 3PM
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new vic

Jul 5 - 10PM
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"Yesterday my exN contacted

Jul 5 - 9PM
ruby01 (not verified)
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Jul 5 - 8PM
Jenna H
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I agree with MWD

Jul 5 - 8PM
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Jul 5 - 7PM
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She doesn't love him

Jul 5 - 8PM (Reply to #2)
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It was definitely a Hoover