is my ex boyfriend a narcissist?

I can't believe I fell in love with this guy, he was my boyfriend and I was reading a lot about narcissism & he matches a lot of the info. I guess sadly we all have to have bad experiences in life. Its been more than a year & I still feel love for him but hate him too because he treats me like dirt. We had a long distance relationship at first, he was so sweet, charming, good looking. He made me feel so special/important, said he couldn't live without me. I brokeup with him & I didn't mean too its just the ldr was hard for me I couldn't see him much. He said he understands but continues to hurt me. He had many failed relationships before, he refers women to bitches/hoes on his fb statuses never to my face. After the breakup I did everything to try get him back, I was proving my love for him, wanted to travel far where he was to be with him. He just let me go & didn't fight for us. then he started looking for other girls right away. I told him many times how much he hurt me Because he ignores me alot, how I cry & can't sleep then he says sorry, promises he won't do it again then does it. he's happy when I'm depressed & broken, he's angry when I'm happy and moving on. that's not love at all. how can I be in trouble for caring about him?. No one else hurts me only him. He even had broken friendships and family problems. He doesn't take responsibility for his actions and blames others. Has problems with drugs, & drinks alot. His dad was the same as him & had a suicide. Guess he had a bad childhood, he gets into fights with ppl, told me he's in a gang. Every picture he has is him and he keeps saying he so good looking, etc. very selfish boy. He just gives me the silent treatment I don't even deserve it. Other people console me when I'm hurt, even my other ex boyfriend lol. I wrote him a very long page love letter but he did nothing. he even posted a YouTube video saying "im a monster". he gets his friends to spy on me on fb , or talk to me sometimes. if I ignore him even for 10 min he gets so mad. He disappears for many months, years but comes back when he feels like it then hurts me again. I'm gonna ignore his ass like crazy. has anger issues. he didn't even thank me for his birthday wish but I thanked him for mine I almost didn't.Something is telling me deep down hes a narcissist so was just wondering.

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