The Most Beautiful Woman

Some posts on here tonight got me thinking. If your ex N finds THE MOST stunning woman you have ever seen and you are ready to kill yourself, hear this: I have seen it happen since I spent my whole life with only N's, and I have personally witnessed that beauty failing short of giving the N SOME kind of supply, and that includes her confronting his behavior or not putting up with him. When this beauty who threatens you does this to the N, he will treat her as if her face and body are commonplace as anyone's. The minute they are challenged, unmasked, argued with, or left, beauty is no longer appealing to them and will only be of use to them if it can enhance their OWN appearance to the outside world, i.e., "if I am with a beautiful woman I must be very beautiful and special and the world will see this and give me praise". So when you get down in the dumps and think he is giving that woman something he didn't give you because you "didn't match up" or you weren't thin or beautiful enough, THINK AGAIN. I have been there and I'm telling you I have seen it over and over again. Blessings and love.

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Because these guys/type of people are full of envy, spite and jealousy. I have had a major house clean of any one who falls into this category and who doesn't treat me with respect and care. Jealousy is a terrible thing. Jealousy is the art of counting someone else's blessings instead of your jealous are a pain in the bum to others, but a torment to themselves. If malice or envy were an object and could be seen and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang because it will come back on them in the end. Both my exN/P's and a lot of other people I have come across are nasty, jealous, spiteful, envious people. I actually feel sad for them but have no place for them in my new and happy lay back life. I didn't/don't have to do anything for revenge or be unkind to get back at theses awful, nasty excuses for human beings, I distance myself and just live my life and keep myself looking/feeling/being lovely, which you always do look when you happy and can count your blessings, which I'm grateful to say I am now.
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...But I AM a beautiful woman (no, REALLY!!) and I am thinking there are a LOT of us on this site and guess what? THEY TREAT US ALL LIKE GARBAGE so it really doesn't fact, I think they actually work HARDER to bring us down....they SEE how the real world reacts to our beauty...they see it, they KNOW so they have to KNOCK us down all the more...that is the way it was for me and I am sure for all of the "beautiful" people here..... Truth be told, him doing this to me was especially hurtful to me because looks CAN be very deceiving...I may "look" a certain way to this God forsaken, shallow world, but in myself, my soul, my REAL self, I am a compassionate, loving, and God fearing woman and I love our Lord and try to live a life that will be rewarded when I check out of here, and all my life I have had to deal with people's perceptions on "looks".....I've had women HATE me over something so stupid as looks which we have ZERO control over anyway, for the most part...... So anyway, enough of my rambling...our looks are of value to them in how they perceive people view THEM, nothing more...behind closed doors? I was ignored and devalued and controlled just like everyone else here. I was made to feel so insignificant and worthless it was disgusting.....
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Layla you're on a roll tonight! I am also a beautiful woman but you know how it can get when you see another beautiful woman with him and it gets to you nonetheless. And yes, my beauty made him that much more furious. Craziness!!!