Merry Christmas Survivors!!!!

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#1 Dec 24 - 4PM
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Merry Christmas Survivors!!!!

The Holidays are tough for many of us. Please know that I love you and understand. You don't need to pretend with me!!!! On a more upbeat note, they are almost over!!!! When that sadness of aloneness, that, not having the "perfect" family washes over you, just remember, God loves you, I understand, and it's almost over. Look at how far you have come, not how much farther you have to go. You will get there in time. This is only temporary. You are creating a better next year as we speak.
Much love and Merry Christmas baby, you have yourself. ~Goldie~

Dec 25 - 6AM
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You hit the nail on the head Goldie

Dec 25 - 1AM
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Thank you, Goldie

Dec 24 - 10PM
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Merry Christmas!!

Dec 24 - 7PM
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Merry Christmas


Dec 24 - 6PM
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merry Christmas, Goldie and

Dec 24 - 6PM
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Thanks Goldie. Really needed