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Jul 15 - 3PM
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By popular request - I'm

By popular request - I'm pasting this from another thread. My favorite line after our split: "I wish I could have involved you more in our sex life." I hear clown music in my head - what a freak! :)
Jul 16 - 10AM (Reply to #18)
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That is freaky

It does beg the question- how can a person get their partner more involved their sex life, when they're having sex??? Freaky. Weird.
Jul 16 - 1AM (Reply to #16)
better off
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um...wow. So... is he

um...wow. So... is he referring the sex life he has with himself? lol!
Jul 16 - 7AM (Reply to #17)
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I honestly have no idea how

I honestly have no idea how he constructed that sentence in his mind. Hysterical - right?
Jul 15 - 4PM (Reply to #15)
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a common charachteristic....

among N's........freaks! :)
Jul 15 - 1PM
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I'm sure I'll think of plenty but to start

He told me when we first me what a great dancer he was, and that he practiced all the latest moves in front of MTV (that right there is bad enough). Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine dances? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xi4O1yi6b0 Yeah.
Jul 15 - 10AM
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oh soooo many things!

I used to cringe when he would say "How's that steak treating you" when we were out at dinner. It was like he wanted praise right there for taking me to dinner! Also, being Italian, he liked to think he was Tony Soprano. He would say "I decided to take a meeting." Who the hell TAKES a meeting, you HAVE a meeting. So retarded! When we were watching Invictus, he actually compared himself to Nelson Mandella, saying they were both inspirational leaders. I looked at him and said "Really? Mandella was a political prisoner. What challenges have YOU had in your life?" When he said he has been through stuff, I replied "Like what, you ran out of Doritos and had to do without for a day?" He actually said, in all seriousness "My mom would have gone to the store to go get me more if I was out". Thanks Mom! Lately, shortly before he disappeared, he started talking about how no one would go to his funeral and how he has given nothing back to the wold. In all honesty, I wish I could post a pic of this man who called me "chunky" and tried to control my appearance. He is about 5' 8.5", 205 lbs, balding, big belly, bad breath, bad teeth, big hooked nose... Think Andy Garcia's not so attractive brother... And he wanted ME to be Perfect!
Jul 15 - 10AM (Reply to #11)
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"I replied "Like what, you

"I replied "Like what, you ran out of Doritos and had to do without for a day?" ' hahahahaha
Jul 15 - 10AM (Reply to #12)
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He had a very charmed life. Beaver Cleaver family. LOL!
Jul 15 - 12AM
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Beret Boy

That was my nickname for my ex-P before things got WORSE... turned out he saw humor merely as a "defense mechanism" and a sign of weakness. It's been a loooong time since I've called him Beret Boy, but he certainly deserved it! He thought he was a fashion plate with his beret, John Lennon glasses, and form-fitting jeans. He'd walk with his nose in the hair, strutting as if he had a stick up his butt.
Jul 15 - 12AM
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let's make fun of them

He asked me ten thousand times, "Would you like to have an old shirt of mine?" before he flung all care to the wind and gave me an old oxford shirt of his to sleep in. When I told him to go to hell, I gave him everything back he had given me: the old shirt, a sex toy, and an old coffee pot he and his fiance had bought for their house when they got engaged twenty years ago. When we "made up" he brought it all back and said, "this hurt me so much. Don't ever do that again." What a freaking wierdo. I was like, "Um. Thanks." The sickest thing was that I felt sooooo good having them back! Who's the bigger wierdo, lol?
Jul 16 - 8AM (Reply to #8)
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fun times

he told me he met a woman he realy fancied, turns out he was behind her in a shopping queque, and she had a a pair of black leather boots on, i said what did she look like he said i only saw her from the back in the boots, and thought she will bend over for it[well we are only objects] i was frightened to wear boots for months, i thought how many more of these lunitics are out there, according to this board millions lol
Jul 15 - 2PM (Reply to #7)
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Mine gave me once tv reciver

Mine gave me once tv reciver for my laptop. When we broke up first time, he said to give it back to him. I said that i thought it was a present. He said "No, if it was a present i would have wraped it" I gave it back to him. When we came back together he brought it back to me and said it was a present this time. I said "But it is not wraped!" and he said that it didn't matter.
Jul 15 - 1AM (Reply to #5)
Lisa E. Scott
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He brought them back...hilarious. Oh, and the concern over the paper bags....priceless. This one.... "i call everyone honey, i call you baby" LMFAO!
Jul 15 - 1PM (Reply to #6)
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I don't know, Lisa. I'm not

I don't know, Lisa. I'm not sure anything can top breaking into your house and stealing all the toilet paper and nothing else. Got to love that one!


Jul 15 - 1AM (Reply to #4)
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ok i laughed...he brought

ok i laughed...he brought them back. heheh.
Jul 14 - 11PM
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lol i love making fun of

lol i love making fun of them... "I would have money, if i wasnt in a relationship with you. Lets face it, everytime im with you it costs money" "I called you didnt I". Letting me know how lucky i am for calling me at night! and my personal favorite when i caught him cheating "i call everyone honey, i call you baby"
Jul 14 - 11PM
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Mine said......

When I fled from the marital home into an apartment....he came over (because I stupidly let him back...over and over and over again...until recently) and said to me...."Did you take all "my" paper bags when you moved?" I move all by myself...no help on a very very rainy day and this a**hole could only think about his freakin' paper bags.........selfish freak!!!!!!!