left hanging without what was promised

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#1 May 19 - 2AM
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left hanging without what was promised

I have reported my narc at work bully. Without giving away too much information I told the head what she did and stuck to the facts. However, I know this narc will never be told to go or change...she brings in too much money and prestige.

I find it shocking that she claims to be an expert in equality, equal pay and bullying! Everything she is not! She pulled a fast one on me when she promised a qualification for a pay cut. Only to leave me hanging. She is bullying me so that I won't bother with the qualification anymore. Such a crook. Am I the stupif one for not seeing it? I did feel insecure but upon sharing my insecurities with others, they said "she wouldn't just leave you hanging!"

May 25 - 9AM
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This story in the workplace...........