Learning experience...it's not all about ME either

I mentioned that I tried Match and decided it was too soon. There was still a very nice guy who seemed to lost interest in me overnight, and of course I decided I was just unlovable and no one would ever want me again. (Oh yes, I had quite the pity party, complete with every sad song ever written - be glad you missed it).

Well, he begged to talk to me today. He was so concerned that I thought something was wrong with me, that he began to tell me everything that has been happening in his life the last two weeks. And it is just as bad as my stuff, a load of WTF dropping on you all at once. But in the midst of that he felt it important that I know there is nothing wrong with me, nothing at all.

And we will remain friends, I can do that. We can help either other through, and really, that's better than finding a "match".

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