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#1 Oct 31 - 3PM
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Kim Kardashian

I am shocked! I thought that marriage would last forever! They had the fairy tale wedding!


Seriously?????? I hope you can tell I am being sarcastic!

I have never seen more self absorbed personalities as I do with this family. I sit in wonderment.......just saying.

They may not be N's but they are pretty darn close........

Dec 23 - 11PM
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N Love...

My N told me that he had 3 women lined up for consideration after his "period of mourning" which he scheduled for one month. I wondered if it was like sales? You know. Girl #1 does not respond immediately so you contact Girl #2. She is out of town so you f Girl #3 while keeping the door open to #1 and #2? Seriously? Douche bag! N love is eternal right? La la f-in la. Kitty
Dec 23 - 10PM
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Why is she famous? Why are

Why is she famous? Why are all these spoiled brats famous? I've caught some of the show..I don't even know it's name. I've only seen it since she got married. In one she lost her diamond ear ring when her husband threw her in the ocean and she ran crying to her room. In another she viciously punches him for stepping on wet nail polish...I think. Really? Punch someone over nail polish? What would she do to her kids if they got silly putty on Louboutins She pimped her wedding. I don't mean like "bling" pimp but prostitute pimp. Is she going to give back the wedding gifts? I don't know...I can't believe I'm talking about her.
Nov 3 - 10AM
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LoL - Mine did the same thing on her 2nd marriage

Just like my ex best gal pal's (a narc) 2nd marriage at 22 years old, her marriage only lasted about 60 days. They had dated for 2 years and had lived together ever since their first date. O, and her groom/husband was her other former best gal pal's ex-boyfriend. (A big no-no among females!) And her and that former friend no longer spoke to each other once this relationship came to light. My former pal was already planning her divorce before she even walked down the aisle. When she left him after 60 days of marriage (I had a 6-pack of beer last longer...) she already had another guy on the hook (her now 3rd hubby). My former best friend wanted a wedding, where all eyes were on her. It was a big blow out too. Just like her first wedding had been 6 years earlier (when she was 16!! & she wasn't even pregnant!). Narcs.... they LOVE attention and a wedding is the BEST way to get it!
Nov 1 - 12AM
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Wow -- I don't know if she's

Wow -- I don't know if she's a full-blown narc, but she definitely has narc tendencies! I just read online that her husband found out she was divorcing him on the website TMZ. She didn't even bother to tell him! Now, if that's not narc-ish behavior...
Oct 31 - 5PM
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I don't know anything about these people, but my 14 year old niece seems to be obsessed with them. I guess I know enough to know to tell my niece that these gals weren't exactly "role models"
Oct 31 - 4PM
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I was reading comments on TMZ when the news broke out. Guess what, public opinion is MOSTLY negative of her saying: (a few examples) She such a self-absorbed B*tch. Kim is a fame whore - who really thought this marriage was about love. Shame on her parents for not teaching her values, and shame on her for being such a fame whore! If those who make this famous for nothing fame whore would stop spending watching her child games and supporting her, then she would really be famous for nothing and Karma would kick her in her big fat a**. The only thing Kim is capable of loving is M-o-n-e-y etc. It's nice to know that Narcissists or self-absorbed celebrities addicted to fame are not loved, admired, adored by normal people. They just really pity them. We can see right through them!! Another one is Jennifer Lopez.... there are so many Narcissistic celebrities (George Clooney, Tom Cruise (with stepford wife Katie Holmes, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan). But they ones that aren't - it's like a breath of fresh air!
Oct 31 - 3PM
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i didnt think much of him either...he wanted to get married cos...he was out of work and she looked lovely in photo's, his own words...i gave it 7minutes.....
Jan 1 - 9AM (Reply to #3)
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Her husband didn't sound like an angel either

I agree...I'm not saying she was perfect (I've never watched the show) but I did read that he said something like "In a few years no one will care about you and your show." and I think he said she was fat, too...sounds like some subtle verbal abuse and demeaning going on..just saying...we don't know the extent of what he would say or do with her when cameras were off. I saw one video of a play punch she aimed at her husband that he caught with his hand...I didn't see the whole thing. Was he upset she did that?...I know my ex actually liked that sort of thing and thought it was funny but I didn't like playing that guess is it was funny to him because he always knew that no matter how hard you punch you could never do the damage that they could if they retaliated. He could have taken me down in a second. They always know they are in control so I guess that's why they find it funny or "cute" as my ex used to say? I remember him egging me on to punch him in the arm and I was dumfounded and said, "No, that doesn't solve anything - I want to talk to you and fix the issue." Sorry, I far as Hollywood marriages and the prenups,'s like a contract to fail, IMHO. My ex wanted one and it only speaks volumes about their admitted lack of committment and acknowledgement to what it takes to stay married. There is this mentality of the marriage should 'just work' regardless of how bad my behavior is and if it doesn't, well I don't want to pay a dime or in any other way be penalized for my bad behavior...THAT thinking to me is what is very narcissistic thinking.
Oct 31 - 3PM
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Really?? I gave it at least 6

Really?? I gave it at least 6 months.. She is all about making money.. She is a master manipulator indeed!! Hunter