Katy Perry/Russell Brand

Is she getting d&d'd? Looks that way to me from what I've read?

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I heard an update on these two this morning on the radio. He s already dating and asking her to move in with him . How about ashton and demi? She's having a breakdown and he's surfing and flirting ,freaking narcs!
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I thought the same about Ashton and Demi, the beautiful Demi looks in bits in our UK papers, meanwhile he is posting pictures on twitter of surfing/drinking with babes. Tactless at best.
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imao, it feels demeaning when we get Devalued ...but we get redemption when we are Discarded. I am awaiting my Discardment so eagerly...when when when Oh when will nh Discard me ...so I can roam the WORLD free...
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I predicted it! "`Cause you`re Hot and you`re Cold, yes and then"..blaah. I`m surprised they lasted this long! I bet he is ditching her as an excuse to freely f*ck OWs. Because I`m mostly sure he did it anyway. Lucky she has so many fans who support her during this period.
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GreenGirl you genius! @ Your hot then your cold lmaooo Right on the money.. when i read that i nearly spat my tea out lol
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I`m glad it made you laugh! =)) lol
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This article called "Russell Brand: spare us the details" says everything: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/3669371/Russell-Brand-spare-us-the-details.html
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I think hes BPD... any takers?
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May be NPd if the reports in the press are at all accurate.
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Bang on the money Jack Guy i noticed this myself as soon as the story broke. Look at his history and addictions, i read an interview on him once and i have no doubt he is disordered. Yup Katie is riding the devaluation funhouse at the mo....
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http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2012/01/19/katy-perry-russell-brand-divorce-reason/ and the new supply http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=10781546
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Jackguy.. Yes yes and again yes. I cant re-iterate to you how good it feels not to be loosing my mind and spotting these freaks a mile away lol Seriously, i posted this same topic on another forum when this story came out. However since then now hes not communicating and ha already found another replacement for Katy too?! Good lord! Poor girl... maybe we'll see her here soon? But honestly read his history, ex addiction the works.. definately disordered but hey it happens to the best of us.
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Who cares?!?!? He didnt leave her in debt with 3 kids... She can buy herself another uglyass guy if she wants!!!!!
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Really? So money will make the pain go away? Just getting another body to replace her N of a husband will make everything better? I know what you wrote is in jest but it really is mocking the feelings of everyone here. If we only had a bucket of money or the looks to hook in any ugly person, we'd be just fine! Katy P may be suffering . She may be an N herself. Who knows. But if indeed she is "normal" and has been with an N, she deserves compassion and not told to look at her bank account balance and she'll be just fine.
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Yes, I agree.. And from such a handsome fellow.. Yuck. Hunter
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But another teenie weenie :) Alright alright I thought he must have hidden talents...troll of the internet me, apparently not... hey got to do something with my time now in NC. wonder how many PMs I will get asking for the link..go on you know you want to look (laughing) x