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Dec 20 - 12AM
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Welcome kamin

YOU DID NOTHING WRONG I repeat: YOU did nothing wrong... get into therapy IMMEDIATELY - call a DV Center if you need to get an advocate ASAP to get this man completely out of your life - NOW - PLEASE go through ALL the pages on 'Message Board' as I have loaded it with articles and your questions have probably already been asked and answered many many times. Click through the pages and read what interests you. You'll get up to speed and learn a LOT. - PLEASE read the stories of others. This alone is one of the most validating things you can do. Far too many become completely wrapped up in their own drama... which just makes it all worse. - PLEASE read through our whole blog: http://www.lisaescott.com/blog - chock full of articles about Ns and healing PLEASE read the Rules prior to posting, as well - listen to our free radio show - archived at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allabouthim Remember this board is NEVER to be used as a replacement for therapy. Please find a therapist and start going as SOON as possible for whatever level of PTSD he's left you with!! BLOCK HIS EMAILS, IMs and TEXTS change your phone & cell numbers NO CONTACT! FYI - one can't be a Sociopathic Narcissist... the spectrum of pathology only goes one way... he could be a Narcissistic Sociopath - not the other way around. Be that as it may I am in no position to diagnose him but he sounds like a predator. Engaged to someone from an Internet site? I'd suspect he's probably got a few more women on the go... gets to them with mind games. Get to a PTSD/ trauma counselor ASAP... again YOU did nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong.
Dec 22 - 7PM (Reply to #2)
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When they get into your dreams

This is a testimony to how they infultrate your psyche, and reveal how deeply they have brainwashed you. When you dream of them. When you wake up afraid, of what they are doing, and to whom. When you feel you are being betrayed, and helpless. When you dream of them alluring you sexually, and you have no control. This is an effect of their manipulation. It reveals how masochistic they are. They will manipulate you sexually, psychologically to have this very disruptive effect. Work beyond it. Know that is gets better with work, and time.
Dec 22 - 9PM (Reply to #3)
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Difference between a N and Jerk

How do I know if this man was a N or simply being a jerk/asshole. I know that he is on medication and has some psychiatric problem. But how do I know if he betrayed me becuase of his mental condition or that he uses his illness as an excuse to do whatever he pleases to do. If it is something out of his control that causes his bad behaviour or is this simply a person with a flawed character. In fact I am so stumped as I never expected him to be so. I always thought of him as a soft-spoken guy till he started yelling at me over the phone.