just want to celebrate....

I just want to celebrate and I know it is sad but the past two nights I have only woken up once for the toilet. I have had nc for 8 months now and I was waking up around 3-4 times a night. It wasn't normal for me as I have always been a good sleeper. Sometimes I would wake really suddenly too. It's like my exN was pulling me trying to drain my energy in the night, bloody vampire!

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Glad to hear that you're sleeping better... good for you! I'm envious...not a good sleeper here. I look forward to the weekends when I can sneak some cat-naps in. :)
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I still wake up at night, usually around 3:00 am & think of ugly things about him. Then i stop myself & pray for piece in my heart. By that time, i can't get back to sleep & start thinking of how the narc is going to affect my dd's future, then i start thinking again about how much i hate him...Its just a vicious circle!
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when my CPTSD wakes me about one of my Ns or Ps I say "Lord, send all this pain to XXX in a way he will understand. Send the hurt to him." Then I imagine myself with a ball made of mirrors to bounce all that energy right back at them. usually I go right back to sleep - but I also have chronic pain so that can wake me up too. plus Sandra Brown, MA has a CD I listen to sometimes before bed - helped me. ~~~~~~~~~ Moving Forward: Coaching for Victims Pathologicals Feelings buried alive never die. - Alice Miller
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I might get that CD. I will also try the protection that you mentioned. I still always think about him but not in so much denial like it used to be.