It's over when I say it's over

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It's over when I say it's over

I was out of a bad relationship and quick to be involved with another. I wanted to be married and have the soul mate that my heart craves. I met you and you were truly Mr Wonderful. Your insistence to move quickly from meeting to moving in with you to marriage made me foolishly believe we shared the same dreams in life. You talked about how the bright light came down on you and let you know that I was the one for you. Of course I wanted to wait before marrying but it all felt so good.

Seven years I gave to you. Not a life we shared but a marriage of give and take. I gave, you took.

I should have listened to my inner voice and ran even in the early months, but I didn't. Instead I invested my heart, my money, and my life in a dream that never really existed.

You have been upset with me since I kicked you out of the house. You only needed time away to find yourself but I so quickly filed for divorce. Of course you think it's all my fault. I've been listening to that, and believing it, for seven years. But no more.

I now clearly can identify that you lied, you cheated, and you stole from our marriage. It no longer bothers me. It was just a waste of my time. Who I am now is far better than the person I was in our seven years together. I'm no longer watching the clock to see when you'll be home and I have to stop being me and start being your wife. I am myself all day long. No one else has a problem with that. I should have asked myself why you did.

Oh well. There is no forgiving you. I decided to take that emotion and use it on myself. There is no wishing you well because you no longer exist to me.

Perhaps one day I'll write a book about my wonderful life and my lessons along the way. Please note that you will be known as a narcissist with a personality disorder that I overcame because I am a strong, independent, and intelligent woman. The most accolades you will receive will be in the form of a warning to other unsuspecting women.

This relationship, and I use that term loosely, is over. Not because of anything else but because I say it's over.

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