I'm gonna do it......

I have been NC for 10 months. I moved out of our home we had together and in with family. I still own our home but have decided to just keep it as an investment.

Anyway, I am moving into a new home! With my own stuff that no one will ever take from me, again. It is a big step for me and I am very fearful of being on my own but I also have a feeling of accomplishment and indenpendance.

I have made another step, I have to keep Moving Forward.

Keep me in your prayers. I am ready to live again.

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Imagine us as your own private cheering section!! :)
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Great news! Big step, and you are doing it! It is ok to be afraid.........you will do great though! Look at it as a new beginning! So very exciting!!!!
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On your 10 months NC and your progress. Outstanding! I'm 10 months NC too and have been making steps forward and know how scary it is. So far, every step (scary though it may be) has been rewarding and has brought me more gifts! Life is truly so much better than I ever, ever thought it would be/could be 10 months ago! I know you feel the same. This is great work on your part, Moving. Keep moving forward! We are here for you. Most sincerely, (not) spinning AND SO WISH NO ONE ELSE EVER WOULD HAVE TO OVER A DISORDERED FREAK OF NATURE AGAIN!


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This is impressive! You will love having a fresh start, not to sound too cliche.
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Sounds like a wonderful plan for you. I love your comment regarding now no one will be able to take your things. I can totally relate to that, I think that people thought my home was a store, lol. Crazy. I am excited for you. God bless, Goldie
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I am rooting for you. We all are. You are overcoming your fears and you are becoming a better, stronger person! It's not easy. Be proud of your positive decisions and actions!!